Government Contracts

Federal government procurement spending continues to reach record highs due to the recent bailouts, rising healthcare costs, homeland and national security, in addition to continued defense spending on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Indeed, federal government contracting dollars are the lifeblood to many businesses and industries in the Baltimore-Washington-Northern Virginia metropolitan area. Whether one hopes to work in the government, private practice, or industries such as defense, consulting, real estate, health care, or pharmaceuticals, knowledge of how the federal government procures goods and services increasingly is in demand. Indeed, with respect to both the public and private sector, government contracts remains one of the bright spots in the legal economy. In that regard, a former chief of the Office Federal Procurement Policy recently estimated that the government needs to add more than 10,000 procurement professionals to its current ranks in order to effectively meet rising contracting volumes. This course will address the fundamental principles of federal government procurement law, including: basic fiscal and appropriations law; the powers of, and limitations on, government instrumentalities entering into contracts (e.g., sovereign immunity); and the processes of government contract formation and administration. In addition, the course will focus on government contracts related litigation, such as bid protests, and other disputes under the Tucker Act, the Contract Disputes Act, and the False Claims Act. This course does NOT focus on construction contracting. P: Contracts

This course is not currently scheduled.
Last offered Spring 2021.

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