Commercial Law: Sales / Reasoning & Rhetoric II

This course is intended to combine the substantive coverage of commercial sales rules (Commercial Law: Sales and Sales Financing) with an academic skills component (Reasoning & Rhetoric II). Each of these is discussed in more detail below:

This course covers the law of sales as well as some of the special financing devices used in these transactions. After dealing with basic sales law doctrine, the course will focus on bringing together the law governing complex sales transactions. Doctrines covered include contract formation, warranties, remedies, performance and risk of loss under Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code. The course also briefly addresses the law of payment devices used in sales transactions, including documentary drafts and letters of credit. The payments law covered will include parts of Articles 4, 5, and 7 of the Uniform Commercial Code, but coverage of these topics will not be as substantial as the coverage in the three-credit Commercial Law: Sales and Sales Financing course. Students who take Commercial Law: Sales/Reasoning & Rhetoric II may not take Commercial Law: Sales and Sales Financing. They may take Secured Transactions or Commercial Law, but not both.

Reasoning & Rhetoric II, like the Reasoning & Rhetoric component of Legal Profession: Reasoning & Rhetoric (LP/R&R) uses substantive learning as foundation for working on exam skills. While LP/R&R addresses academic skills including reading and briefing cases, time management, class participation, outlining, and exam skills, R&R II focuses exclusively on exam skills. A special emphasis is placed on developing and reinforcing the ability to apply substantive law effectively in a timed examination setting. Students will work on exam skills weekly and will take periodic graded, timed exams in connection with this course.

Enrollment in Commercial Law: Sales/Reasoning and Rhetoric II is limited to second-year students only. This course will be offered for three credits. Each week, students will participate in three hours of class, two of which will be devoted to learning substance, and one of which will be devoted to working on exam skills.

P: Contracts

This course is not currently scheduled.
Last offered Fall 2019.

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