Fourth Circuit Decisions

The University of Maryland has agreed to participate in the ABA Standing Committee on Federal Judicial Improvements’ Media Alerts Project. The Media Alerts Project is a new undertaking of the ABA. It is intended to provide information to the media and the public about decisions made in the federal Courts of Appeals for the various circuits. Although United States Supreme Court decisions are well publicized, decisions out of the Courts of Appeals receive far less publicity. The Project intends to address this disparity by affording broader public access to those decisions.

The ABA has created a website where submissions to the Media Alerts Project will be posted. The website is designed to provide prompt, accurate, unbiased information about newsworthy and legally significant cases that are pending in or were recently decided by the United States Courts of Appeals. The University of Maryland was selected to assist in these efforts by providing timely and extensive reporting about decisions from the Fourth Circuit.

Each week, the class will meet to discuss assigned cases from the previous week. Over the course of the semester, every decision issued by the Fourth Circuit will be reviewed. Students will be individually responsible for briefing and presenting a handful of cases weekly. Following an in-class discussion, several of the cases presented will be selected to be featured on the ABA website. Upon further editing and approval, the selected cases will appear on the ABA website, located at

This course is not currently scheduled.
Last offered Spring 2018.

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