International Cultural Heritage Law

Students will explore international and comparative approaches to protecting cultural artifacts, cultural sites, and other tangible and intangible cultural heritage. The course transects several areas of international law and will cover the following topics: comparison of civilian protection and cultural property protection in the law of armed conflict (international humanitarian law); criminal sanctions for cultural heritage destruction in international criminal law, including study of prosecutions in the International Criminal Court; the role of UNESCO, the UN Security Council, and other international organizations; competing treaty regimes for preserving underwater cultural heritage and for stemming the illicit trade in cultural artifacts; avenues for resolving World War II-related art disputes; the influence of cultural nationalism and cultural internationalism on repatriation debates, including the dispute over the Parthenon Marbles; and comparison and interpretation of principal treaties governing cultural heritage protection. Comparative aspects will include an investigation of how the U.S. legal regime compares with other regimes to regulate, protect, and provide for restitution or repatriation of cultural heritage.

This course is not currently scheduled.
Last offered Spring 2021.

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