Writing in Law Practice: Animal Law Advocacy

Writing in Law Practice: Animal Law Advocacy will focus on analysis and writing in the practice context of the emerging field of Animal Law. Students in this course will study a number of different areas of Animal Law and use what they learn to draft and update documents for actual clients: organizations that engage in animal rescue or animal advocacy. The substantive component that informs the written work will involve looking at the legal treatment of animals in areas as diverse as torts, property, family law, estates and trusts, and criminal law. Writing assignments may include drafting and updating liability waivers, adoption and fostering contracts, and volunteer agreements; drafting a trust document to provide for the care of animals after its owner’s death; identifying gaps in the law and drafting proposed legislation to fill those gaps; and writing testimony and other materials in support of proposed legislation.

This course is not currently scheduled.
Last offered Spring 2018.

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