INCOME TAXATION - Goldberg [596b]

  1. Michael J. Graetz | Deborah H. Schenk | Anne L. Alstott, Federal Income Taxation Principles and Policies, 8th Edition
    Foundation Press, Hardcover 2018
    ISBN: 9781640206809
    (Updated 7/2/2021)
  2. Chirelstein, Zelenak, Federal Income Taxation, 14th Edition
    Foundation Press - (Free online acsess provide via Law Library West Academic Study Aids subscription. - UMB ID Required), Soft Cover Book 2018
    ISBN: 9781640208247
    (Updated 7/2/2021)
  3. Bank and Stark, Selected Sections Federal Income Tax Code and Regulations
    Foundation Press, Softcover Either 2021-2022 edition or 2020-2021 ed
    ISBN: 9781684679768
    (Updated 7/2/2021)
  4. Materials to be posted on Blackboard or distributed in class
    (Updated 6/17/2021)
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