Picture of the Maryland Carey Law Trial Team
2017-18 National Trial Team

The National Trial Team is a for-credit student organization that is comprised of students who have demonstrated exceptional ability in trial advocacy. Membership consists of a classroom component with lectures and practical exercises, as well as a team component with trial practices and trial competitions. During the weekends, the students hone their trial skills by conducting full length trials in front of both federal and state judges, as well as experienced attorneys. The team members learn evidence, trial planning, effective witness examinations, and persuasive oral argument skills. The National Trial Team has an exceptional reputation, placing among the top schools at numerous trial competitions all across the country. In 2016 Professor Mark Graber took over as Program Director, succeeding A.J. Bellido de Luna, a 2004 alumnus of the law school and the trial team. Professor Graber is assisted by Professor Emeritus and former Director Jerome Deise, as well as head coaches Lindsey McCulley and Benjamin S. Salsbury.

How to Join the Trial Team

The National Trial Team holds tryouts each spring, open to first-year day students, first-year evening students transferring to the day program, and second-year evening students.  In round one, each student is provided with a trial packet and presents a closing argument to the members of the team.  Those students called back for round two then prepare a cross examination from the same case packet.  The new members are chosen by the existing team under the guidance of the coaching staff. If there are questions about the tryout process, please reach out to the team at trialteam@law.umaryland.edu.