Law Students for Reproductive Justice

President: Kara Citarella (kcitarella

Law Students for Reproductive Justice advocates for individuals having the choice of if they want to be parents, when they want to become parents, and how to parent the children they have. LSRJ issues include advocating for birthing rights, midwife licencing, comprehensive sex education, pregnant prisoners' rights, international reproductive rights, availability of contraception and abortion, nontraditional adoptions, and artificial reproductive technology.

Past LSRJ events include raising money for safe birth kits for women in Haiti, speaker panel about health care reform's impact on abortion, and movie screenings.

LSRJ has over 80 chapters across the country, with the national organization providing internships, fellowships, regional conferences, leadership training, and event sponsorship and support. Check out their website for resources at

Please feel free to email the executive board members if you have questions, are interested in cosponsorship of events, or would like more information.