2016-2017 Executive Board

Co-Presidents: George Cunningham & Gaston Rojas
Vice President: Sidonie Becton 
Treasurer: Katie Rodriguez
Secretary: Marissa Johnson
1L Representatives: Dave Guberman & Josh Fultz

Alumni Advisor: Diane Leigh Davison, Esquire
The Law Office of Diane Leigh Davison, P.C. 

For membership information, please email: EASL @ law.umaryland.edu 

We are an organization formed for the purpose of encouraging and facilitating the academic and professional growth of its members. We provide students with the ability to network and understand more about the entertainment, arts, and sports law industries.

General Body Meetings


Upcoming Events - School of Law

EASL presents its first annual Sports Law Symposium, Friday, November 4th, from 12-5 pm in the Ceremonial Courtroom.

This symposium will focus on the current issues related to sports, with a focus on the ramifications of athletes' and leagues' continued expansion into the social, political, and economic realms. The symposium, split into three distinct panels, will address current events, from the problems arising out of college athletics to the legal ramifications of the Tom Brady case. This symposium is open to any and all who are interested in pursuing careers in the sports world, meeting professionals in the sports world and what the field demands, or simply interested in sports generally. Each panel will be speaking for an hour and a light dinner will be served at the conclusion of the event, along with networking opportunities. Come out and enjoy hearing from esteemed professionals in the sports world, and enjoy some good food and great times after.