Classes and Registration

Registering for First Semester Classes

Incoming first year students will be assigned to class sections and registered for classes automatically. Incoming first-year students need not register for classes.

First Year Curriculum

Day Division

In the first semester, first-year full-time day students take 16 credits of required classes. Classes typically meet Monday through Friday between 8:45 a.m. and 5:15 p.m., except on Friday when classes seldom are scheduled to meet later than 3:00 p.m.

In the spring semester Day Division students take 13 credits of required courses and one elective for three credits.

Evening Division

In the first semester, Evening Division students take 10 credits of required classes. Classes meet Monday through Thursday beginning at 6:30 pm and ending no later than 9:35 pm.

Section Assignments

Prior to the beginning of the fall semester, incoming Day Division students are assigned at random to one of six first year sections of about 35 students. 

Students take one course (either Contracts, Civil Procedure, Torts, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law I, or Property) with their section. Students take this small section course in either the fall or the spring semester of first year.  

In addition, students have a small section of Legal Analysis and Writing during their fall semester.

Section assignments are typically announced late in the summer.


The list of required and recommended textbooks for each class is incorporated into the Course Catalog. Until you receive your course schedule you will not be able to determine your required books. Once you have received your course schedule in late summer, you can create your booklist.

Once your class schedule is confirmed, you can purchase your books at the University Bookstore or any other source you choose.

Some professors make some or all of the reading materials available in course packs, distributed at the School of Law, or online in Blackboard, the online course management system.

Assignments for First Classes

Professors may post course syllabi and reading assignments for the first class session on Blackboard, the online course management system. You are encouraged to check Blackboard frequently prior to the first class session.

LL.M. Students

Each LL.M. student develops an individual course of study.  To ensure that your courses will satisfy the LLM degree requirements, please contact Crystal Edwards ( or 410.706.2091) to schedule a time to discuss your course preferences and finalize your schedule.  We will register you for your fall semester courses.