National Trial Team

The National Trial Team is a for-credit student organization comprised of students who demonstrate exceptional ability in trial advocacy. Members of the team meet weekly for class sessions with lectures and practical exercises. Members are then assigned to competition teams and practice teams that meet frequently to run materials and prepare for invitational tournaments. During these practices, team members hone their trial skills by conducting full-length trials in front of federal and state judges and experienced trial attorneys. In addition to these practices, team members learn evidence, trial planning, effective witness examination, and persuasive oral argument skills through the Trial Team class.

The Trial Team is one of the nation’s premier law school advocacy organizations and is ranked in the top 35 trial advocacy teams nationwide. The Team was founded in 1999 by Director Emeritus Jerome Deise, who continues to advise the team and its members. Over the last twenty years the team has won numerous tournaments across the country. In 2020, former Trial Team captain Benjamin Garmoe ’16 was named the Salsbury Director of Trial Advocacy. Garmoe is a Trial Team alumnus and a highly successful trial advocacy coach and instructor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC).

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