ADR Team

The UM Carey Law ADR Team is a co-curricular student organization for students with a particular skill for and interest in negotiation and mediation. By the time they graduate, students on the team have well-honed ADR skills, which are a useful asset in any practice area. The ADR Team sends students to several negotiation and mediation competitions each year. Team members are also enrolled in a for-credit seminar about ADR theory and practice. 

First-year Day Division students and second-year Evening Division students are welcome to try out for the ADR Team during our annual Intra-School Negotiation Competition. The competition is held in the spring semester. Faculty, alumni, and local professionals serve as judges, and then the ADR Executive Board invites the best competitors to join the team.  

The ADR team is largely student-run, but we are greatly assisted by our faculty advisor, Toby Guerin, and our adjunct professors, Barry Gogel and Jay Knight, as well as the rest of our alumni coaches. Mr. Gogel and Mr. Knight teach the ADR Team Seminar, which focuses on negotiation in the fall and mediation in the spring. In 2016-2017 Professor Gogel was voted Maryland Carey Law’s Adjunct Professor of the Year!

ADR Team – Class of 2020: Adryan Richardson, Alba Sanchez Fabelo, Amit Roitman, Beth McKie, Connor McGregor, Cymone Gosnell, Hunter Haines, Jake Lichtenbaum, Jayne Chung, Kevin Hendley, Matthew Galey, Matthew Morris, Megan Sunderland, Shannon Elias, Sudipta Das, Trevor Hoffberger, Vishal Hemnani

ADR Team – Class of 2021: Austin Laroche, Caroline Scanlon, Celena Dyal, Garett Unger, Jessie Walsh, Justin Meltzer, Kathryn Martin, Kayla Johnson, Kristin Wells, LeBrit Nickerson, Mark Metrey, Megan Hill, Monica Kulkarni, Samantha Chan, Thérian Lee 
Competitions – 
Fall 2019: 
Competitors: Garrett Unger, Cyleena Dyal, Samantha Chan 
Coach: Barry Gogel, with assistance from Jayne Chung and Vishal Hemnani 
ABA Negotiation: 
Competitiors: Monica Kulkarni, Austin Laroche 
Coach: Barry Gogel 
Spring 2020: 
Tulane Professional Football Negotiation  
Competitors: Matthew Morris, Mark Metrey, Jake Lichtenbaum 
Coach: Barry Gogel 
ABA Representation in Mediation 
Competitors: TBD
Coach: TBD
Competitors: TBD
Coach: Toby Guerin 

Contact information: 
The Alternative Dispute Resolution Team
500 W. Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD, 21201