Preparing Computer

Before the start of the scheduled exam period you should take sensible measures to prevent infection by malicious code, which may result in the loss of papers, outlines, or even exams. The health of your machine is your responsibility.

Please realize that if malicious code has damaged your exam answer, you will only be graded on what can be retrieved. You must have your machine cleaned before you can take another exam using your computer.

To ensure the health of your computer, you must take the following steps before the exam period begins. We recommend that you follow them in this order.

  1. Backup all data. SOL IT reccomends the use of OneDrive for backing up Law School documents. OneDrive is linked to your student email address and available from the Office 365 Portal
  2. Update your anti-virus software with the latest definitions. 
    • Set it to update your virus definitions regularly (at least once a week, but preferably every day).
    • Students must have a functioning, updated antivirus software product running at all times while on our network.
    • Windows has free built-in AntiVirus called "Windows Security". More info can be found here 
    • You may purchase Symantec AntiVirus at the circulation desk of the Health Sciences and Human Services Library (HS/HSL).
  3. After updating your virus software, scan your machine for viruses.
  4. Run your Windows® operating system updates or macOS Updates  and apply any critical updates. This step is extremely important. While the updates are installed on your computer, make sure your computer does not go into sleep mode or get disconnected during the process of installation
  5. All currently supported operating systems appear on the Extegrity website
    • It is extremely important you verify prior to upgrading OS that it is compliant with Exam4.

How Do I Take a Practice Exam?


You should take practice exams in all exam modes (Closed, Open, or Open with Network) in which you will be tested. You must be connected to the internet to take a practice exam.

  1. Start the Exam4 program by double-clicking on the Exam4 icon. Select Prepare to start new exam and then click Next. Exam4 will display any previous exams or practice tests that you have taken using the same laptop.
  2. Check your network connection from within the program by clicking on the box beside Check network connection.
  3. Enter practice as your Exam ID, you do this twice. You should also enter your name under Optional/Protected Info; your professor does not see this information. By using this protected field we can identify
  4. Select your course from both lists. Click Next.
  5. Set your exam time and reminder alerts. Setting the Timing Function is optional. If used it will provide “Time Remaining” personal prompts that will allow you enough time to finish typing and complete the submission of your exam within the allotted time. Click the “Next” button.
  6. Set your font size. This will not affect the way your instructor sees the exam. Click Next.
  7. Read the Notice of Instructions and place a check in the Got it? box. Click Next.
  8. Type Closed or Open or Open Network as your selected Exam Mode in the boxes which appear.
  9. Place a check in the confirmation checkbox and then click Next.
  10. Your exam choices will display for verification. Make sure that you have entered the correct Exam ID and Course. Use the Back button if you need to make a change.
  11. If identity verification is enabled for your exam choose your webcam under "Select Camera". Click "OK" Skip to #13 if identity verification is not enabled
  12. Take a picture of your ID by clicking "Take Photo". Click the radio button for the selfie, and click "Take Photo". Click "Use Photos" after both pictures are taken to continue
  13. Click Begin Exam. The system security check will begin if Closed mode is selected.
  14. Type your answer to the first question.
  15. Go to the menu and select Tools. Then select Insert Answer Separation. You should place answer separations between all of your answers to clearly define which question you are answering. After adding an answer separation you only need to enter the number.
  16. When you are ready to end the practice exam, select End Exam then End Exam Nowfrom the menu.
  17. Click the checkbox to Confirm and click OK, end exam.
  18. Click Submit Electronically. You should receive the message: Your file has been stored on the server. Click OK.
  19. You will receive a summary of the number of sections. If you did not insert Answer Separations you will only have one section. Click the checkbox linked to I understand. Click OK.
  20. You should now have a window that shows that 100% of your exam has been stored. Click Close.
  21. Go to File and Save Options on the menu. Select Exit. Check I'm sure and then click Exit Exam4.