Office 365

Office 365 is UMB's collaboration platform designed to meet your educational and work needs. It includes the ability to download Office on 5 devices, and access your data anywhere on any platform. 

With the introduction to Teams and OneDrive, collaboration is taking a the main stage, and IT is there to help you along the way. If you require a team to be created, simply email and we'll get everything configured for your use. OneDrive is a fantastic alternative to networked drives, as data can be accessed from anywhere and edited in realtime among colleagues.

Office 365 is designed with collaboration in mind. The service is ever evolving, and great resources are available for your use. The links below should answer any "how-to" related questions you may have. As always, reach out to IT with any questions you may have and we can go over your options

External Training Sites:

Microsoft Office 365 Training Center

Office 365-Welcome/How-to

Office Quick Starts

UMB's Office 365 documentation


Microsoft Teams


Office Pro Plus

Microsoft Visio & Microsoft Project