What is the status of graduation? (Updated 03.20.2020)
May 2020 campus commencement has been canceled and we are postponing the law school hooding until a future date to be determined. We are currently exploring ways to celebrate and honor our 2020 graduates virtually and welcome suggestions from you as to what that could look like. Please communicate ideas to your class leaders.

Is the law school considering an emergency fund for students impacted by COVID-19 changes, like College Park and other schools? (Updated 04.06.2020) 
The School of Law is quickly moving to solicit funds from our alumni and other donors for a newly created Maryland Carey Law Student Emergency Fund. Here are the guidelines for the Student Emergency Fund and the application form.  

What should I do if I lack the technology, internet access, or appropriate workspace to complete the semester remotely? (Updated 03.20.2020)
You should contact Dean Michele Hayes – m.hayes@law.umaryland.edu.

What should I do if I need assistance during this time and I’m not currently under the care of a clinician at the Student Counseling Center? (Updated 03.20.2020)
The UMB Student Counseling Center (SCC) website includes updates, self-care apps, how to find another provider, and other resources: www.umaryland.edu/counseling. If you have the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), it covers tele-therapy at no cost through Better Help.

You can also contact Lisa Caplan of Lawyer Assistance as a resource of support. She is available to provide counseling to students for free and can be reached in the following ways:

Lisa Caplan, LCSW-C, Associate Director
Lawyer Assistance Program
Maryland State Bar Association
Lisa@msba.org  | Direct: 443-703-3042
24/7 Confidential help 1-888-388-5459

The MSBA’s Lawyer Assistance Program is available to all lawyers in Maryland and is committed to providing free, confidential assistance to lawyers, judges, and law school students for a variety of concerns by offering assessment, referral, short-term counseling, and continued support to ensure long term success.

What should I do if I’m already under the care of a clinician at the Student Counseling Center and I need assistance? (Updated 03.20.2020)
If you are currently under care of a clinician at the SCC and need to speak with someone or you are seeking information about their services, you may call (410) 328-8404 and leave a message. A clinician will try to respond within one business day.

What should I do if I need immediate counseling assistance? (Updated 03.20.2020)
Please call (410) 328-8404 and choose option 7 to access the After Hours Crisis Service.

If you are experiencing a life threatening mental health emergency, please call 911 or UMB police at (410) 706-3333. You can also contact Baltimore City Crisis Response at (410) 433-5157 or Baltimore County Crisis Response at (410) 931-2214. Other counties are listed on our Crisis Care Resources page.

What should I do if I’m experiencing another kind of hardship or difficulty? (Updated 03.20.2020)
Please contact Michele Hayes, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs at m.hayes@law.umaryland.edu to let her know your needs and she will do her best to help.

Will students receive refunds for student fees and housing? (Added 03.26.20) 
On March 31, UMB sent a letter regarding refunds for various student fees and activities. The text of the letter can be found here.

Several of us in the 2020 graduating class were upset to hear from the media that our graduation was cancelled. We are wondering why the law school administration did not tell us first. (Added 03.26.2020)
Many people at the university system level, at UMB, and at the law school have been working non-stop over the last two weeks to address the multitude of issues that have required decisions. Some of those decisions could be made at the law school level but many had to be made at the campus or system level. The graduation decision was one of those that had to be made at a level beyond the law school. Knowing how important graduation ceremonies are for our graduates, they hesitated at first to make a call on a May event but decided last week that, given the unfolding information, they needed to make that call. We found out at the same time the decision was announced in the media.

What is the status of the bar exam? (Updated 04.09.2020)
At this time, it is not known what impact, if any, COVID-19 will have on the July 2020 Uniform Bar Examination in Maryland. 

To date, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Hawaii have postponed their exam.  We are currently in communication with the bar examiners in Maryland and will provide updated information as soon as possible. The most important thing to know about the Maryland bar exam is that, even if the exam is postponed, you should still file your application by their May 20 deadline.  

The Maryland State Board of Law Examiners’ (SBLE) administrative office are now closed to the public, except for certain emergency matters in the courts. As such, SBLE will operate with drastically reduced staffing until at least April 3, 2020, and potentially beyond.

SBLE will continue to accept bar application materials during the emergency. Due to the closure of judicial facilities to the public, all application materials must be sent via US Mail, FedEx, UPS, or similar. SBLE strongly recommends that applicants sending any such items use a trackable delivery method without requiring a signature. SBLE cannot confirm receipt of application materials by phone or email. Application filing statuses will be updated on applicants’ secure eBar portals as materials are received, reviewed, and accepted for filing. The filing deadline for the July 2020 UBE in Maryland remains Wednesday, May 20, 2020 at 4:30 p.m. To be considered a timely filing, SBLE must RECEIVE, by the deadline, the following materials: the applicant’s signed, hard-copy Notice of Intent; the applicant’s signed, hard-copy Character Questionnaire; the applicant’s official undergraduate transcript; and, the applicant’s check(s) or money order(s) for the applicable fees.

I am not able to access my health records due to the Covid19 situation. Will this prevent me from registering for the upcoming semester? (Added 04.09.2020)

Student Health will not place health holds on student accounts during this registration period. If the issue related to immunizations you will need to take care of this at some point in the future to satisfy the health requirements, but you do not need to worry about doing that solely for purposes of this upcoming registration period.