When will information be available about summer financial aid? (Updated 03/20/2020)
Mid-April. Students will get an email from AidTalk asking if they plan to enroll in summer classes. The application and instructions will be made available to them at that point. Summer budgets will include living expenses regardless of in-person or online instruction. Students must be enrolled for a minimum of 6 credit hours to receive summer aid.

What do I do if I currently have a scholarship and I want to use a portion of my 2020-2021 scholarship for summer courses? (Updated 03/20/2020)
Contact Marilyn Jones at mmjones@law.umaryland.edu

What is the status of in-person federal loan exit counseling sessions for graduating students? (Updated 03/20/2020)
They have been canceled. The financial aid officers will follow up with you so that you can fulfill that requirement.

When will 2020-2021 financial aid award offers for returning students be available on SURFs? (Updated 03/20/2020)
At the end of the spring term.