Can I still schedule an appointment with a career counselor? (Updated 03/20/2020)
Yes. Meet with CDO counselors for job search help and to share updates on any new developments regarding jobs or offers that you have accepted. You can reach counselors by email (, or request telephone or video appointments via your Symplicity homepage

Are employers still posting jobs? (Updated 03/20/2020)
Yes, employers are emailing job postings for the job bank and scheduling fall interview opportunities through the CDO’s Symplicity platforms and email.

Will the Career Development Office still be conducting workshops? (Updated 03/20/2020)
Yes, upcoming workshops will be presented via webinar. Be sure to speak with a counselor if you need help with your job search or have questions about navigating interviews or the judicial clerkship application process.

How are judicial clerkship letters of recommendation being handled? (Updated 03/20/2020)
Faculty and staff are now working remotely so faculty members will submit letters of recommendation for federal clerkship applications through the O.S.C.A.R. system. For judges that have requested paper copies of judicial clerkship letters of recommendation, faculty members will email PDF copies of the letters to those judges. This means that students will need to submit their other clerkship application materials to judges separately from their letters of recommendation. If you have any questions about this process, email Jen Pollard, Director of Judicial Clerkships, at

What is the status of Fall OCI? (Updated 04.06.2020) 
The CDO will be moving Fall 2020 Recruitment on-campus interviews to Spring 2021. The vast majority of local and national employers support moving OCI to January/early February. Moving fall OCI to spring gives employers two semesters of traditional grades to evaluate interview candidates coming from schools that adopted pass/fail grading for this current spring semester. The CDO will notify you as details are finalized.

I understand firms are moving to virtual interviews for hiring. How can the CDO help me prepare for this format?” (Added 03.26.2020) 
You can schedule a mock virtual interview with a CDO counselor before your next video or phone interview to help you prepare. 

What are you doing to help the students who will not have summer job opportunities due to the COVID19 situation and the economic downtown? (Added 03.26.2020) 
At least so far we have not heard that employers are pulling back on summer positions. We are monitoring that situation closely and are discussing possible actions the law school could take if it becomes necessary.  

Since the MPILP auction has been canceled, will summer grants be available to fund stipends public interest positions this summer? (Added 03.26.2020) 
Despite having to cancel its annual fundraising auction, the M​aryland Public Interest Law Project, Inc. (MPILP) is going forward with its summer 2020 grant processFirst- and second-year students with offers to work at public interest organizations are invited to apply for summer fundingApplications must be submitted via email (​ by​ 12:00pm on Saturday, April 4, 2020. ​Application here 

How can I find information about what is happening in the legal market?
Follow the CDO's new Linkedin page for ongoing news about legal hiring trends:

Who needs to complete the 2020 Graduate Employment Survey(Added 03.26.2020) 
All graduating students. While you may not have finalized your post-graduation employment plans, as an ABA-accredited law school we are required to report employment outcomes for the entire class. The Career Development Office will remain in touch with you over the next year to ensure we have the most accurate information for you as your situation evolves and can provide valuable assistance to job-seekers. 

Like all ABA-accredited law schools, we need every graduating student to complete the survey whether the student is employed in a law-related or professional position obtained prior to law school; has not yet secured employment; plans to look for a job after the bar exam; has accepted an offer for future employment; anticipates a job change; plans to keep a current position; or does not plan to pursue employment during the upcoming year. All survey information is kept confidential.