Alumni Awards

Every year, Maryland Carey Law recognizes alumni with the following awards at the annual Alumni Honors Banquet "A Celebration of LEADERSHIP."

The Distinguished Graduate Award honors a Maryland Carey Law alumnus/a who has achieved prominence through professional excellence and service to the community.

The Benjamin L. Cardin Public Service Award is presented to an alumnus/a who has demonstrated significant and substantial contributions to furthering ideals of public service in the law.

The Star Award (awarded in alternating years) recognizes the unsung heroes among the alumni population. Those alumni who volunteer for Maryland Carey Law behind the scenes with little fanfare, and who are steadfast in their support, loyal in their hearts, and deserving of special recognition.

The Rising Star Award recognizes a recent graduate (within 10 years) whose exemplary contributions of service and leadership, either professionally or at Maryland Carey Law, have brought credit to the graduate and this institution.

The Mary Ellen Barbera ’84 Judicial Excellence Award is presented to an alumnus/a who exemplifies the highest standards of judicial excellence, displays extraordinary courage, energy, and tenacity in the handling of controversial and difficult cases as well as embodies strength of character, service, and competence as a jurist, lawyer, and public servant.

Selection Process
Alumni Award Honorees are selected each year by members of the Alumni Board Awards Committee for confirmation by the Alumni Board. Selected Award Honorees are informed of their nominations and selections by the Dean of the Law School, and their acceptance of the awards is then confirmed. After all Award Honorees are confirmed, nominators are informed of their candidates' status.

Distinguished Graduate Award Recipients

Benjamin L. Cardin Public Service Award Recipients