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2013-2014 MPILP Officers

Co-President - Vianca Diaz
Co-President - Julia Bates
Co-Vice President - Nathan McCurdy
Co-Vice President - Cheri Smith
Co-Treasurer - Ope Coker
Co-Treasurer - Kristin Neubauer
Co-Secretary- Mallory Finn
Co-Secretary - Jocelyn Santos
Alumni Chair - Sharity Bannerman
Auction Publicity Chair - Alyssa Navarrete
Donations Coordinator - Cliff Glover
Community Service Chair - Ashley Woolard
Summer Grants Coordinator - Cody Mason
Grant Writer - Nigah Mughal
Booksale Chair - Dana Krohn
At-large Chair - Stephanie Klock
At-large Chair - Theresa Mahfood
At-large Chair - David Zeledon
1L Representative - Proshanti Banerjee

MPILP Board Position Descriptions

The following information describes the general responsibilities of MPILP's officers. This information does not capture all the work completed by MPILP's board, including full board collaboration in Auction preparation. The Board meets on average once a month during the school year, but more frequently in the weeks leading up to the Auction in March. All board members have fiduciary duties as officers of a corporation, distinguishing MPILP Board positions from those of student organizations.



Vianca Diaz & Julia Bates at
2 MPILP's Co-Presidents are responsible for the overall operation of the organization, and work closely with all members of the board, its faculty advisors, student attorneys, and the Law School Administration. The Presidents work very closely with Vice Presidents on all fundraisers, and are the primary coordinators of the Annual Goods and Services Auction. The Presidents also work carefully with the Treasurers. The Presidents represent MPILP to outside funders, including the Maryland Legal Services Corporation. The Presidents' role, in essence, is to oversee and participate in every aspect of MPILP and be fully informed of all issues that arise within the organization. Key to this role is organization, flexibility, fluency in MPILP's mission, ability to multi-task, and strong communication skills.

Vice President

Nathan McCurdy
Cheri Smith
2 The primary task of the Vice Presidents is to communicate regularly with the Presidents, participate in goal-setting, organization and event planning meetings, and to each head up one fundraiser (currently Yeungs and Wings and Chili Cook-Off). The Vice Presidents also play critical roles in Auction preparation. It is not unusual for VPs to give reports at board meetings, speak at MPILP general body meetings, and represent MPILP in public gatherings.


Mallory Finn
Jocelyn Santos
2 MPILP's Secretaries are responsible for taking minutes at MPILP board and general meetings, ensuring that MPILP meetings comply with its by-laws, and helping with other tasks as needed.


Ope Coker
Kristin Neubauer
2 The Treasurers are particularly significant to MPILP as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation. The Treasurers handle MPILP's day-to-day finances, which includes managing MPILP's bank account, processing donations, coordinating the financial aspects of the Auction, preparing financial information for requests for outside funding, and preparing MPILP's tax returns (with assistance from MPILP's student attorney and a CPA). The Treasurers work closely with MPILP's Presidents. Normally, one treasurer manages the tax aspects of MPILP and the other handles more of the day-to-day business operations.

Alumni Chair

Sharity Bannerman
1This position is dedicated to continuing MPILP's relationship with Maryland Law alumni. The Alumni Chair is MPILP's primary liaison with its Board of Advisors, and is involved with alumni-related Auction preparation and publicity. The Alumni Chair works with the Law School's Alumni office.

Community Service Chair

Ashley Woolard
1This position's primary responsibilities are to organize and facilitate community service opportunities for MPILP members and the larger school community. Past opportunities have included working on buildings with Habitat for Humanity, packaging food baskets at the food bank, and providing food to the homeless with Project Jumpstart. By raising school-wide awareness of the needs of the greater Baltimore area, the Community Service Chairs are able to provide students with a true sense of MPILP's mission.

Donations Coordinator

Cliff Glover
1The Donations Coordinator is responsible for securing big ticket donations for the Auction. This position also coordinates volunteers who are soliciting donations for the Auction and reaches out to law firms and various other funders to collect donations at the time of the Auction. Major responsibility for this position occurs over winter break and in the early part of the spring semester.

Auction Publicity Chair

Alyssa Navarrete
2The Publicity Chair is responsible for "getting the word out" about all MPILP events. In the fall, the Publicity Chairs generate school-wide publicity for fall fundraisers, and prepare publicity materials for the spring's Auction (i.e., designing the invitations, sending out early save-the-dates to alumni). The bulk of the work takes place in the spring with Auction duties such as finalizing invitations, placing event listings in local newspaper and event websites, speaking to first-year sections, and answering many email questions about the organization. The position involves significant collaboration with the faculty advisors and OSA.

Summer Grants Coordinator

Cody Mason
1The Grants Coordinator is responsible for everything involved with the Summer Grant selection process, including updating the grant application, holding informational sessions, fielding questions from applicants and sponsoring organizations, assisting in the formation of the selection committee, holding the selection meeting, and maintaining a fair and unbiased process. Finally, this position is responsible for ensuring that grant recipients satisfy their volunteer hours to MPILP. This position requires organization and strict confidentiality as the selection process is anonymous.

At Large Chairs

Stephanie Klock
Theresa Mahfood
David Zeledon
3The At-Large Chair is a position that does not have a set of defined tasks. At-Large Chairs are expected to provide extra support for MPILP's activities throughout the year. They are a part of the Auction Committee and play a big part in making sure the auction goes smoothly.

Grant Writer

Nigah Mughal
1The Grant Writer's primary responsibility is to prepare requests for funding on behalf of MPILP. The Grant Writer also regularly represents MPILP to outside funders, including the Maryland Legal Services Corporation, USGA, SBA, and the Cardin Foundation. This position works closely with MPILP's Presidents and Treasurer.

Booksale Chair

Dana Krohn
1The Booksale Chair is in charge of collecting donations of used textbooks for MPILP's booksale, running a booksale at the start and end of each semester, and selling donated books online.

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