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The Scopes Monkey Trial

In collaboration with the Constitution Project and in conjunction with the national tour of L.A. Theatre Works docudrama The Great Tennessee Monkey Trial the School of Law's Linking Arts and Law Series produced these materials on the legal issues surrounding the original Scopes trial and today’s controversy over teaching intelligent design in the public schools.

L.A. Theater Works presented The Great Tennessee Monkey Trial at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center at the University of Maryland College Park on January 31 and February 1, 2006.

The performance on February 1st was preceded by a panel discussion, sponsored by the Constitution Project and featuring Professor Mark Graber of the School of Law.

Scopes Monkey Trial

American Experience: Monkey Trial
Companion web site to PBS documentary on the trial. This includes biographies, contemporary photos, a timeline, a virtual tour of the Dayton courthouse and period music inspired by the controversy and the trial.

Bryan College: Scopes Trial/Historical Resources
Historical overview of Monkey Trial and the role played by Williams Jennings Bryan in the contest. Bryan is the namesake of the college, which is located outside of Dayton, Tennessee, the site of the trial.

Famous Trials: Tennessee v. John Scopes, "The Monkey Trial"
Comprehensive treatment of subject by Douglas O. Linder, a law professor who teaches Constitutional Law and a course in famous trials at the University Of Missouri-Kansas City, School of Law. The page includes trial materials, contemporary photos and H.L. Mencken's reporting on the trial as editor of the American Mercury and columnist for the Baltimore Sun.

Information On Darwin And Evolution

American Museum of Natural History's Darwin Exhibit
Special exhibit by the American Museum of Natural History on Darwin and his development of the theory of natural selection. The site includes commentary, videos and some pictures.

Companion site to the PBS documentary series on the theory of evolution, which also included a special episode on the interplay between the theory and religion.

Understanding Evolution
University of California site for teaching and understanding of evolutionary biology containing articles, news and graphics aimed at teachers and laypersons.


New York Times: Evolution
Full coverage of the evolution/ID debate by the New York Times

American Civil Liberties Union: Intelligent Design
The ACLU web page on its activities challenging the use of ID in public institutions. This includes press reports, FAQs, blogs and some legal materials.

American Association for the Advancement of Science: Evolution on the Frontline
The web page of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) on resources, news and advocacy efforts to counter the weakening or compromise of the teaching of evolution. AAAS is dedicated toward advancing science and scientific innovation worldwide. It is also publisher of the journal Science.

National Academy of Sciences: Evolution Resources From the National Academies
National Academy of Sciences website containing publications, position statements, evolution research papers and links regarding scientific community's position on evolution and creationism.

National Center for Science Education
The National Center for Science Education is a group that provides educational support on evolution to teachers, educational administrators, parents and the press. This web site provides legal information as well as presentations, reports, reviews of ID materials and news briefs.

Discovery Institute
This Seattle-based think tank is a major focal point of the intelligent design movement. Discovery Institute fellows are scholars who have written extensively on the subject. The site contains articles, publicity and opinion pieces and a blog supporting the ID position.

Thomas More Law Center
Legal group dedicated to protecting the religious freedoms of Christians. It offers significant legal assistance to teachers and school boards who offer intelligent design as an alternative perspective to evolution, most notably the school board of Dover, Pennsylvania. The site offers scant materials for its intelligent design advocacy efforts aside from news briefs and some testimony from the Dover case.

Access Research Network: Michael J. Behe
Access Research Network (ARN) web page of Michael J. Behe, professor of biochemistry at Lehigh University and one of the leading scientists propounding ID, which includes a selection of his writings. The ARN is a clearing house of ID publications and materials.

Intelligent Design Network
Kansas-based organization promoting scientific evidence of ID and advocating a balanced treatment of it with evolution. The site contains reports, a list of ID publications and news releases on ID issues.


General Principles

Everson v. Board Of Education Of Ewing Tp., 330 U.S. 1 (1947)

Epperson v. Arkansas, 393 U.S. 97, 89 S. Ct. 266, 21 L. Ed. 2d 228 (1968)

Edwards v. Aguillard, 482 U.S. 578, 107 S. Ct. 2573, 96 L. Ed. 2d 510 (1987)


Scopes v. State, 154 Tenn. 105, 289 S.W. 363 (1927)

Crowley v. Smithsonian Institution, 205 U.S. App. D.C. 30, 636 F.2d 738 (1980)

Webster v. New Lenox School Dist. No. 122, 917 F.2d 1004 (7th Cir. Ill. 1990)

Freiler v. Tangipahoa Parish Bd. of Educ. , 975 F. Supp. 819 (E.D. La. 1997); Denial of Writ of Certiorari, decided June 19, 2000

Selman v. Cobb County Sch. Dist. , 390 F. Supp. 2d 1286 (N.D. Ga. 2005)

Kitzmiller v. Dover Area Sch. Dist. , 2005 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 33647 (M.D. Pa. Dec. 20, 2005)

This Program is funded in part by a generous grant from the France-Merrick Foundation to the University of Maryland School of Law's Linking Law & the Arts Series.

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