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Concentration in Environmental Law

Students can receive formal recognition for completion of the Environmental Law Program’s Concentration in Environmental Law. To be awarded this designation, students must earn a minimum of 17 credits through the program’s three basic components—classroom, experiential learning and research and writing. The Environmental Law Certificate has been approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission and students completing the requirements will be recognized by the environmental law community for possessing a level of expertise and specialization in the field.

To qualify for a certificate of Concentration in Environmental Law, students will be required to complete 17 credits related to environmental law. Students must complete each of the required components listed below: Classroom, Experiential Learning, and Research & Writing. Students who are graduating and meet the requirements must submit the Environmental Law Concentration Verification Form to Bill Piermattei, Managing Director ( in room 488 by no later than April 1st.

(1)  Required core course:  Environmental Law (3); and
(2)  Elective Courses:  the remaining credits necessary to qualify for the 17 credits of courses related to environmental law may be obtained in the following courses:

(a)   Environmental Law Seminars which include: Advanced Legal Research: Environmental Law (1), Animal Law (3), Clean Air Act (3), Clean Water Act (3), Coastal Resources Law (3), Counseling and Negotiation: Health, Safety and Environmental Law (3), Energy Development and Finance (3), Energy Law (3), Energy Policy and Climate Change (3), Environmental Advocacy (2), Environmental Issues in Business Transactions (3), Federal Commercial Chemical Regulation (3), Federal Lands Management (3), Food, Farming and Sustainability (3), Food Safety Regulation (3), International Environmental Governance (3), International Environmental Law (3), International Human Rights and Environmental Litigation Seminar (3), Introduction to Regulatory Systems (3), Global Environmental Law (3), Management of Global Fisheries (3), Mass Products Torts (3), Natural Resource Law (3), Practice of Environmental Markets (3), Toxic Torts (3)

(b)   No more than a total of 8 credits from experiential environmental courses: Environmental Law Clinic (8), Environmental Externship (4 to 13), Asper Fellowship with environmental agency (2 or 3)

(c)    Administrative Law (3); Legal History Seminar: Eminent Domain (3);

(d)    Independent Study in Environmental law (1 or 2)

*EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING COMPONENT - completion of one of the following, but no more than 8 credits accepted towards the environmental concentration from this category:

(a)   Environmental Law Clinic (8)

(b)   Tobacco Control Clinic (SEE PROFESSOR KATHLEEN DACHILLE, ROOM 491)

(c)   Environmental Externship (4-13)

(d)   With special permission from the director of the Environmental Law Program, students who are unable to participate in either the clinic or externship program may be able to satisfy the required experiential learning component through alternative means, including successful completion of an Asper Fellowship (2 or 3) with an environmental agency, participation in the National Environmental Moot Court Competition or National Environmental Negotiation Competition.

RESEARCH AND WRITING COMPONENT - Completion of a successful research paper on a topic related to environmental law.  This requirement normally will be satisfied by a research paper prepared for an Environmental Law Seminar.  It may also be satisfied by papers prepared for the Roscoe Hogan Competition, or papers prepared for writing certification on a topic related to environmental law.

* Evening students may be able to substitute environmental work related to their full-time job for this component. 

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