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Although the Law School Consortium Project is no longer active, those interested in the LSCP's Mission and Goals may find the following resources valuable:

The AALS Equal Justice Project:
The AALS Equal Justice Project is designed to create cutting-edge opportunities for law schools to lend their unique talents in the critical quest for equal justice in our current legal system.  The Project is presenting 19 Colloquia at law schools around the country during the 2000-01 academic year to showcase innovative law school initiatives that support the provision of legal services to underrepresented groups.

The ABA Division for Legal Services:
The Division for Legal Services is the ABA staff unit that provides support for 12 ABA standing committees and commissions, all of which focus on providing access to justice for persons with low or moderate income, or on improving the delivery of legal services.

The ABA Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service:
This website is a valuable source of information on pro bono efforts and events.

The ABA Small Firm Resource Center:
This online resource center offers resources, books, networking opportunities, an email discussion group for solo practitioners, as well as access to free CLE.

The ABA General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Section Newsletter :
This quarterly newsletter provides real-life solutions to the unique challenges that solos and small firm practitioners face.

The ABA General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Section Resources
An easy to use list of resources for solo and small firm practitioners ranging from ethics to research to technology.

The ABA Consumer's Guide to Legal Help on the Internet:
This website helps provide individuals with guidance and advice about free and low cost legal services.  http://www/

The Brennan Center for Justice: 
The Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law unites thinkers and advocates in pursuit of a vision of inclusive and effective democracy. Its mission is to develop and implement an innovative, nonpartisan agenda of scholarship, public education, and legal action that promotes equality and human dignity, while safeguarding fundamental freedoms. Solo Practice Chatboard: 
This a forum dedicated exclusively to solo practitioners and those who work in a small firm. The Solo Practice Chatboard is a great place to discuss issues related specifically to law practice in a small firm or solo practice.

Housing and Economic Rights Advocates (HERA):
Housing and Economic Rights Advocates (HERA) is a California statewide, not-for-profit legal service and advocacy organization whose mission is to ensure that all persons, particularly lower-income, minority, elderly, and other vulnerable persons, are protected from discrimination and economic abuses, especially in the realm of housing. HERA's core practice areas are fair housing and predatory lending.  http:/

The Impact Fund
Over the past 10 years, The Impact Fund has been a leading pioneer in the struggle for social justice. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, The Impact Fund remains the only public foundation dedicated to providing representation, technical assistance and funding for complex, public interest litigation to address systemic problems of social injustice, civil rights, the environment and poverty law.

Lawyers Weekly USA: The National Newspaper for Small-Firm Lawyers:
This website provides information and articles about solo and small-firm practice.

Lowbono Lawyering: is a collaborative project that serves to support, train, and mentor solo and small firm lawyers who provide discounted, or "low bono," legal services for underrepresented communities. These attorneys are graduates of, or collaborators with, Law School Consortium Project member law schools.

Management Information Exchange: 
The Management Information Exchange Website enables subscribers to gather and exchange information for the management of legal services programs. Members of the public can use the site to learn about the Management Information Exchange and its services and publications.

Mosten Mediation Services and Training:
Mosten Mediation Services and Training provides information about mediation centers, mediation training, mediation and unbundled legal services.

The People's Law Library: 
The People's Law Library is a Maryland public legal information resource designed to meet the needs of moderate-income individuals and families. 

ProBono.Net aims to use information technology to increase the amount and quality of legal services provided to low income individuals and communities by public interest/pro bono lawyers through the creation of a virtual community of public interest lawyers in New York City that bridges the private, legal services, public interest and academic sectors of the profession and serves as a model for similar networks in other legal communities.

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