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For UM Carey law students

The following organizations have projects for which they are looking for support specifically from law students.  Interested UM students should indicate their interest either directly with the organizations or by signing up on the google sign-up:

Sign-up for law student volunteers

Indicate your interest in working on:

  • A bond hearing project in the Baltimore Immigration Court, to facilitate the ability of detained immigrants to get counsel for bond hearings and to get out of detention.  We expect detention to increase under the Executive Orders, and individuals are much more likely to mount a successful defense to their deportation case if they can bond out.  Volunteers will observe bond hearings, record information, and help facilitate communication with family members and other supporters in the court room.
  • A project on accountability of private prison companies for detention conditions for immigrant detainees, an issue that promises to grow in importance with the new administration’s commitment to expanding detention. Volunteers will assist a local nonprofit advocacy group with its research in developing best practices for conditions monitoring.
  • Developing a response to provide legal information, advice and referral for DACA students at UM College Park and other schools in the region.  Volunteers will work with a local nonprofit and representatives of UMCP to develop the support program.
  • Scaling up the ACLU of Maryland’s Know Your Rights (KYR) program to bring KYR trainings to immigrants across the state of Maryland! The KYR training program is expanding to meet the needs of Maryland’s diverse communities asking for information about our rights.  We focus on areas that are policed heavily and want to expand our capacity to provide these trainings to immigrant audiences.  Law students can participate by being trained to be a KYR trainer, or can help with the outreach, materials, and administrative side of the KYR trainings.

Many other organizations have opportunities to serve immigrants and refugees who are arriving or already in the deportation system.  You can respond directly to the following:

  • Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland Unaccompanied Children Pro Bono Project is looking for Spanish-speaking and non-Spanish speaking students who would like to volunteer at our upcoming clinics to advise unaccompanied children and others fleeing violence in Central America. Students fluent in Spanish can participate as a volunteer interpreter. Other levels of Spanish-speakers can help PBRC staff run the events, draft complaints and do other legal work. Volunteering is a convenient and short way to learn more about unaccompanied children coming to Maryland and the legal forms of immigration relief for which they are eligible. It is also a great networking opportunity with the attorney volunteers who practice various kinds of law. Training available.

    Upcoming Clinic Days at Baltimore Immigration Court
    February 15: 8 AM to 1:00 PM
    February 24: 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
    February 27: 8 AM to 1:00 PM
    February 28: 8 AM to 1:00 PM and/or 1 PM to 5:00 PM
    March 3: 8 AM to 2:00 PM
    March 17: 8 AM to 2:00 PM
    June 9: 8 AM to 2 PM

    If you are interested in getting on the volunteer interpreter list please fill out the Volunteer Interpreter Registration Form, or go to:
    Questions? Email
  • The Esperanza Center, in Baltimore’s Fells Point neighborhood is looking for students to help with their approach to representing immigrants and refugees, including victims of crime and unaccompanied children, that involves know your rights trainings in the community, direct representation, pro bono engagement and advocacy.  Contact Heather Benno at
  • The Dulles Justice Coalition is providing legal support to travelers arriving at Dulles airport who may be subject to the president’s travel ban.  Sign up to assist:  (They seem to have lots of volunteers, so consider volunteering for another kind of work in addition to this, as you may not get a call to help.)
  • Free Immigration Screening/Consultation Clinics sponsored by the DMV Immigration Alliance (Alliance members include Ayuda, Catholic Charities, CAIR Coalition, CARECEN, KIND, Tahirih Justice Center, TASSC)
    • Saturday, February 25th is at Sacred Heart Church, Gavan Center (basement of the Church), 3211 Sacred Heart Way, Washington, D.C. 
      Volunteer Lawyers Needed: 9am to 2pm (training will be provided)

    • Sunday, March 12th is at St. Camillus Church, Camilla Room, 1600 St. Camillus Drive, Silver Spring, Maryland
      Volunteer Lawyers Needed: 1:30p to 6pm (training will be provided)

      Click here to volunteer:

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