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Continuing the Legacy of Leadership: School of Law Black Alumni Reunion and Symposium - 2003

2003 alumni reunion - click to expandIn 2003 the University of Maryland School of Law invited back all of its African American alumni for a school wide celebration of their contribution to the Maryland and national legal community. The event included both an opportunity to recognize the efforts of earlier graduates in creating new opportunities for later generations of attorneys as well as educational and brainstorming sessions. This site presents only the academic portion of the program. For a complete description of the event and available videos (for library use only) see Library Catalog.

Classes represented:

    Graduation classes of 1950 to 1979
    Graduation classes of 1985 to 1989
    Graduation classes of 1980 to 1984
    Graduation classes of 1990 to 1994
    Graduation classes of 1995 to 1999
    Graduation classes of 2000 to 2002

Awards Presented:

Dean's Award-

    Leonard Briscoe, Class of 1965
    Mabel Hubbard, Class of 1975
    Jacques Leeds, Class of 1954
    Solomon Reddick, Class of 1960
    DeHaven Smith, Class of 1958

Trailblazers Award-

    Solomon Baylor, Class of 1951
    James Bundy, Class of 1949
    Wendell G. Freeland, Class of 1950
    Lena K. Lee, Class of 1951
    David T. Mason, Class of 1951
    William H. Murphy, Sr. Class of 1946


Continuing the Legacy of Leadership brochure - click to expandProfessor Taunya Banks - Setting the Record Straight: Early African-American Women Law Graduates (Text) [Video not available]

Professor Garrett Power - The NAACP'S Test Case…To Sue Jim Crow Out of Maryland with the Fourteenth Amendment: Meade v. Dennistone (Text) [Video not available]

Professor Sherrilyn Ifill - A Conversation on Race: Truth, Reconciliation and Lynching on Maryland's Eastern Shore [Text/Video not available]

Professor Douglas Colbert - The Thirteenth Amendment and the Relics of Slavery in America's Criminal Justice System [Video]

Professor David Bogen - Precursors of Rosa Parks: The Common Carrier Cases in Maryland: 1870 - 1914 (Text) [Video]

Professor Robert Suggs - Using Local Government Discretion Affirmatively (To Promote Minority Business) [Video]

Celebrating the opening of the African Americans Lawyers exhibit.







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