The Papers of Benjamin R. Civiletti (1935 - )

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Benjamin R. CivilettiBenjamin R. Civiletti has focused his professional practice of law on commercial litigation, banking, white-collar crime, government regulation, and corporate governance. He is both a trial and appellate advocate.He has conducted numerous product liability cases; successfully prosecuted and defended statutory and constitutional claims, and conducted special investigations growing out of derivative suits, governmental proceedings, and a state impeachment resolution. In addition, he has developed a practice in alternative dispute resolution, working successfully as a mediator, facilitator, master and arbitrator in many commercial and tort disputes to achieve faster and more cost-efficient justice.

Mr. Civiletti's past service on four public for-profit boards and three non-profit boards has afforded him a thorough familiarity with corporate governance consensus, task forces, and strategic planning. As Attorney General of the United States (1979-1980) [Judiciary Committee Voting Tally, 1978], Mr. Civiletti argued before the International Court of Justice on behalf of the American captives in Iran, and before the Supreme Court for the right of the government to denaturalize Nazi war criminals, and USA Bulletin on Nazi War Criminals (2006). Inscription reads: For the Hon. Benjamin Civiletti, Who as Attorney General, created OSI in 1979 and then argued the U.S. Supreme Court case that made possible OSIs 30 years of success in the WWII Nazi cases. With deep respect and admiration and with abiding gratitude.  Eli M. Rosenbaum (OSI Director, 1994-2010, 14 July 2010). successfully defended the President's wage and price guidelines in the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit (sitting en banc). Furthermore, Mr. Civiletti was responsible for the Justice Department's promulgation of open trial guidelines, the Stanford Daily laws, the development and publication of National Priorities for the Investigation and Prosecution of White-Collar Crime, Principles of Federal Prosecution, National Prison Standards, and a score of other improvements in the effective enforcement of criminal law and in civil rights and environmental protection.

Mr. Civiletti successfully argued again in the Court of Appeals of Maryland to reverse excessive millions in punitive damages and the court entered judgment for the defendant. He was co-independent counsel, appointed by regulators, in the investigation of the derivative business of a major Wall Street financial institution. Mr. Civiletti represented a corporate client in the successful defense of multi-million dollar claims of tortious interference with contract. For another client, he successfully settled multiple intentional tort claims after a lengthy trial on motions to suppress. And he again was successful in settling claims from a domestic air crash in which he represented plaintiffs against a major airline.

Governor's Commission on Welfare Policy, 1994Mr. Civiletti has served as a member of the National Research Council Committee to Study National Cryptography Policy and as Chair of the Maryland Governor's Commission on Welfare Policy (left). He was a member of the Governor's Task Force on Alternatives to Incarceration. Most recently he served as the Chair of the Governor's Commission on Capital Punishment (2008-2009). Other task forces include: Funding of Public Education; Drug Abuse; and Funding of the Arts.

In community-related areas, his service includes former membership on the Legal Aid Bureau board and Chair of GBMC Healthcare, Inc. (retired). In the legal publications field, he is a member of the Lexis-Nexis/Martindale-Hubbell Legal Advisory Board and a member of Matthew Bender & Company, Inc., board of editors of Federal Litigation Guide Reporter. [Biographical sketch reproduced with the permission of Venable, LLP.]

Dates from Civiletti's Career:

1961 Graduates from University of Maryland School of Law
1963 Assistant U.S. Attorney for Maryland
1969 Joins Venable, Baetjer and Howard (law firm)

Deputy Attorney General of the United States

1978-1980 Attorney General of the United States
1978 Billy Carter investigation
1979 Iran Hostage Crisis / World Court appearance
1980 ABSCAM investigation
1986 Chair, Task Force, Drug Use on College Campuses (Maryland)
1987 - 1993 Managing Partner, Venable, LLP. (law firm)
1994 Chair, Governor's Commission on Welfare Policy (Maryland)
1993 - 2006 Chairman, Venable, LLP. (law firm)
1997- 2000 Metalclad v. Mexico Case
2008 Chair, Maryland Commission on Capital Punishment
2009 Named American Lawyer Lifetime Achievement Award Winner for 2009

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Series 1: Box List

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Box 1: Civiletti Materials: Billy Carter Investigation

Boxes 2 and 3: Civiletti Materials: Speeches

Box 4: Civiletti Materials: Office Calendars, Telephone Logs, Official Schedules

Box 5: Civiletti Materials: Confirmation Issues

Box 6: Civiletti Materials: AG Press Conferences and Correspondence

Box 7: Civiletti Materials: Reports, Documents, Publications

Box 8: Civiletti Materials: Reports, Documents, Publications

Box 9: Civiletti Materials: Reports, Documents, Publications

Box 10: Civiletti Materials: Reports, Documents, Publications

Box 11: Civiletti Materials: Reports, Documents, Publications

Box 12: Civiletti Materials: Reports, Documents, Publications

Box 13: Civiletti Materials: College Park Student Drug Use Task Force: Reports, Documents, etc.

Box 14a: MD Commission on Capital Punishment - Organizational Meeting, Public Hearing Transcripts

Box 14b: MD Commission on Capital Punishment - Public Hearing Transcripts

Box 14c: MD Commission on Capital Punishment - Notes, Research, Correspondence

Box 15: Civiletti Materials: Books - Rhode Island Impeachment, Fordham Law Review, HR 5030

Box 16: Civiletti Materials: Memoranda and Correspondence 1979-1980

Box 17: Civiletti Materials: Misc. Docs., Photos, Correspondence

Box 20: Civiletti Materials: Audio Visual

About the Collection

The Collection was donated by Benjamin R. Civiletti between 2010 and 2012. Project staff included Rosalyn West, John Bernheimer and Bill Sleeman. Will Siegel, Arthur Cook, and John Stylc provided Media Support. Teresa Pucciarella, Jenny Rensler and Nathan Robertson provided web design support. Additional support was provided by Lucy Bansal, Class of 2014 recipient of the Benjamin R. Civiletti Scholarship.

Access to the collection is by appointment only, contact Special Collections in the Law Library for more information or to make an appointment.

Material is filed as received. Some boxes bore a clear filing order while others were mixed. Every effort was made to retain original filing order when present.

Attorney/Client privilege does not apply. Files related to cases handled by the law firm of Venable, LLP and any predecessor firms are not present in this collection.

Copyright may be present in the media and photograph collections. Researchers are responsible for resolving any copyright issues prior to publication for any reproduction or quoted material.

Photocopying of non-fragile material is available. Tax documents and individual financial statements have been segregated and may not be photocopied. Permission to use tax and financial information is by permission of the donor only.

Permission to reproduce or quote from the collection generally in published research in any format may be requested in writing from the Thurgood Marshall Law Library, University of Maryland School of Law, Special Collections, 501 West Fayette Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201.Cite as: The Benjamin R. Civiletti Collection. Thurgood Marshall Law Library, the University of Maryland School of Law

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