African Americans in the Law Collection

The Constance Baker Motley Collection

This collection consists of copies of selected documents from the Papers of Constance Baker Motley. The copies were purchased in 2008 for the African Americans in the Law Special Collection. Originals of the Constance Baker Motley Papers are held by the Smith College Library.

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Constance Baker Motley (1921-2005) Collection
Thurgood Marshall Law Library, the University of Maryland School of Law

Motley Nomination, January 26, 1966, 112 Cong. Rec. 1159. Image links to Nomination Documents.

Folder 1: General Correspondence files: 1967-1969
Select Correspondents: American Jewish Committee; YWCA; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Commission on Community Interrelations American Jewish Congress; AAUW; Association for the Study of Abortion; National Association of Women Lawyers.

Folder 2: General Correspondence files: 1970-1972
Select Correspondents: AAUW; Columbia Society of International Law; Gray Thoron; Carol Shuttlesworth; Herbert I. Waldman; Campaigners for a Democratic Mayor; Black Law Journal; Richard M. Nixon; Joseph P. McMurray; Robert A. Goldwin

Folder 3: General Correspondence files: 1973-1975
Select Correspondents: Yale University; Simmons College; Westchester Council of Women, Inc.; National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc.; Hunter College- Institute for Trial Judges; NYU - School of Law; Women's Hall of Fame, Inc.; League of Women Voters; Harvard Law School

Folder 4: General Correspondence files: 1976-1978
Select Correspondents: Harry Yezil; Riverside Church; ACLU of New Jersey; Iowa Wesleyan College; National Association of Black Women Attorneys; Etta Onat, Yale Women's Forum; NYU - School of Law; American Law Institute-American Bar Association; Committee on Continuing Professional Education; Moreland-Spingarn Research Center.

Folder 5: General Correspondence files: 1979
Select Correspondents: First Baptist Church of Ohio; Temple University School of Law; Ohio State University School of Law; Harvard Law School; Purdue University, Africana Studies and Research Center; Hofstra University; Yale Law School, Black Law Students Union; Yale Women's Forum; University of Michigan Law School; Earl Warren Legal Training Program, Inc. ; Atlanta Bar Association; Afro American Arts Cultural Centre, Inc.

Folder 6: General Correspondence files: 1980-1982
Select Correspondents: John Burris, California Association of Black Lawyers; NYU - School of Law, Moot Court of Appeals; Mary Burke Nicholas, Women's Division, State of New York; Jane M. Bolin, State of New York Family Court; Columbia University School of Law; Rudolph Pierce, Justice, Massachusetts Superior Court; National Women's History Week Project; Genna Rae McNeil; Sunnie Perlman Miller; Howard Glickstein, Dean, University of Bridgeport, School of Law.

Folder 7: General Correspondence files: 1983-1987
Select Correspondents: Black Women in Sisterhood for Action; NYU - School of Law; City College of New York, Community and Public Affairs Department; Iowa Wesleyan College; John M. Sperry; Columbia University, Oral History Research Office; Terence Cardinal Cooke, Archbishop of New York; Nathaniel R. Jones, Circuit Judge, Ohio; Gabrielle K. McDonald, Judge, U.S. District Court, Texas.

Folder 8: Hate mail: 1964-1976 (& undated)
See folder for contents.

Collection Information

Purchased in 2008 as part of the African Americans in the Law Special Collection. This collection consists of select material copied from the Constance Baker Motley Papers in the Smith College Library.

Material is arranged and labeled in chronological order.

Access to the collection is by appointment only. Contact the Library at 410-706-6502.

Attorney/Client privilege does not apply.

Photocopying of non-fragile material is available. Tax documents and individual financial statements may not be photocopied.

Permission to reproduce, quote or cite from the collection in published research in any format must be requested in writing from the Smith College Library.

Additional information about Constance Baker Motley

Laury A. Betha, 16 Nat'l Black L.J. 118 (1998-2000) - Book Review of Motley's book Equal Justice Under Law: An Autobiography.

Tribute to Constance Baker Motley, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 32 Hum. Rts. 26 (2005).

Judge Constance Baker Motley and the Struggle for Equal Justice [interview]. 29 Litigation 6 (2002-2003).

53 Years in the Struggle for Equal Rights: An African-American Jurist's Life in the Law, Lancelot B. Hewitt. 15 Touro L. Rev. 831 (1998-1999).

Constance Baker Motley: Black Woman, Black Judge, Michelle Washington. 1 Black L.J. 173 (1971).

Douglas Martin (2005, September 29). Constance Baker Motley, 84, Civil Rights Trailblazer, Lawmaker and Judge, Dies :[Obituary]. New York Times (Late Edition), p. B.10.

Constance Baker Motley (oral history interview). National Visionary Leadership Project.

Nomination Documents from the Congressional Record

More Information about Constance Baker Motley

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