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TMLL Research Guide - Chapter 9


Selected general sources

  • Paul M. Sandler & James K. Archibald, Pleading Causes of Action in Maryland (5th ed.) (MD REF KFM1396.S21 2013)
    "...[C]overs almost any type of initial pleading likely to be encountered in practice..." and provides an "introductory survey of the general principles of pleadings in Maryland." Included are forms that "highlight the essential allegations and provide models for adaptation." Each form is followed by an extensive comment. Updated with pocket parts.
  • Richard J. Gilbert & Paul T. Gilbert, Maryland Tort Law Handbook (3d ed.) (MD REF KFM1395.G55 2000)
  • Maryland Civil Pattern Jury Instructions (4th ed.) (MD REF KFM1742.M37 2002)
  • Maryland Criminal Pattern Jury Instructions (2d ed.) (MD REF KFM1783.A65M37 2012)
  • David E. Aaronson, Maryland Criminal Jury Instructions and Commentary (3d ed.) (MD REF KFM1783.A92 2009)
  • Robert D. Klein, Maryland Civil Procedure Forms with Practice Commentary (3d ed.) (MD REF KFM1730.A65D542 2000)
    Two volume looseleaf designed to assist civil trial lawyers in using Maryland Rules of Procedure "by translating them into workable pleadings and other court papers and related documents." Organized in order of rules with subject index.
  • Practice Manual for the Maryland Lawyer (4th ed.) (MD REF KFM1268.P73 2012)
    Comment and forms on a wide variety of substantive areas of the law including bankruptcy, criminal law, family law, landlord and tenant, wills and estate planning, and many more.
  • Paul M. Sandler & Andrew D. Levy, eds., Appellate Practice for the Maryland Lawyer: State and Federal (4th ed.) (MD REF KFM1755.A9 2014)
  • Jacob A. Stein, Trial Handbook for Maryland Lawyers (3d ed.) (MD REF KFM1738.S74 1997)
  • Maryland Trial Judges Benchbook (3d ed.) (MD REF KFM1738.M34 1999)
  • Gary I. Strausberg, Maryland Litigation Forms and Analysis (MD REF KFM1730.A65M372 1998)
    Published in looseleaf format.
  • John A. Lynch & Richard W. Bourne, Modern Maryland Civil Procedure (2d ed.) (MD REF KFM1730.L96 2004)
    "This work is a detailed discussion of the important procedural issues that confront the Maryland lawyer, with a special emphasis on the impact of the changes in Maryland tribunals and the rules of adjudication."
  • Paul V. Niemeyer & Linda M. Schuett, Maryland Rules Commentary (3d ed.) (MD REF KFM1729.N67 2003)
    "A commentary on each rule in Titles I and II of the Maryland Rules." "This Commentary provides an explanation following each rule, which gives the source from which each rule was derived, its interrelationship with other rules, and its intended purpose."
  • George W. Liebmann, Maryland Practice: Civil Procedure Forms (MD REF KFM1715.A73M32 vol. 3 & 4)
    "[E]ach topic is introduced by an explanatory note designed to give a bird's eye view of the subject with references to the Maryland Law Encyclopedia and other ... texts and authorities. Extensive text discussions are appended to most individual forms." Updated by pocket part.
  • Lyn McLain, Maryland Evidence: State and Federal (3d ed.) (MD REF KFM1740.M37 2013)
    Overview of the Maryland law of evidence that, while written before the adoption of the Maryland Rules of Evidence, is still valuable for "gathering relevant statutes and rules and discussing the relevant case law in one place." Updated by pocket part.
  • Joseph F. Murphy Jr., Maryland Evidence Handbook (4th ed.) (MD REF KFM1740.M87 2010)
    Succinct guide to the admissibility of evidence with pertinent cases both cited and described in detail.
  • Maryland Rules of Procedure (MD REF KFM1729.A2c 1985)
    Multi-volume looseleaf organized by rule number.
  • Annual Report and Official Opinions of the Attorney General of Maryland (vol. 1- , 1916- ) (KFM 1640.A551)

Selected sources on specialized topics

  • Jason A. Frank, Elder Law in Maryland (4th ed.) (MD REF KFM1291.A3F821 2012)
    Textbook with forms and other practice materials at end of each chapter.
  • Ann M. Turnbull & Joseph J. Wase, Maryland Domestic Relations Forms with Practice Commentary (MD REF KFM1294.5.A65T8)
    Textbook with many examples of forms interspersed with text. Published in looseleaf format.
  • William D. Paton & William C. Staley, Family Law Manual – Maryland(MD REF KFM1294.P37 1984)
    Published in looseleaf format.
  • Cynthia Callahan & Thomas C. Ries, Fader’s Maryland Family Law (5th ed.) (MD REF KFM1294.C35 2011)
    Textbook with separate and extensive chapter devoted to examples of forms and pleadings. Updated by pocket part.
  • Allan J. Gibber, Gibber on Estate Administration (5th ed.) (MD REF KFM1347.G5 2008)
    Published in looseleaf format.
  • Alan R. Sachs, Maryland Corporate Forms - Practice (MD REF KFM1410.A65S5)
  • Albert S. Barr III et al., Maryland Estate Planning, Will Drafting and Estate Administration Forms with Practice Commentary (2d ed.) (MD REF KFM1340.A65B37 1995)
    Textbook with many examples of forms interspersed with text. Published in looseleaf format.
  • James J. Hanks Jr., Maryland Corporation Law (MD REF KFM1410.H36 1990)
    Published in looseleaf format.
  • Larry P. Scriggins, Maryland Corporate Practice and Forms (MD REF KFM1410.S38 2000)
    Published in looseleaf format.
  • Russell R. Reno, Jr. & Wilbur D. Simmons, Jr., Maryland Real Estate Forms-Practice (MD REF KFM1326.R418 1983)
    Published in looseleaf format.
  • Maryland Tax Reporter (KFM1670.A6C5)
    Covers corporate income tax, personal income tax, property tax, sales and use taxes, and other "revenue-producing taxes of interest to businesses and their consultants." New Matters division includes court decisions (including those from the Maryland Tax Court and the Maryland circuit courts), attorney general opinions, and administrative rulings. Published in looseleaf format and updated through 2013.
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