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  • Building Healthy Communities: A Guide to Community Economic Development for Advocates, Lawyers, and Policymakers (2009) / by Roger A. Clay & Susan R. Jones. This books documents themes and trends in community economic development, including the role of nonprofit organizations, government community and economic development tools, and environmental considerations. [For publisher's description click HERE]

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  • Handbook of Community Practice (2005) / by Marie Weil et al. This book examines and assesses practice, theory, and research methods for community develoment, organizing, and planning. [For publisher's description click HERE]

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  • Housing and Community Development / by Charles E. Daye. This casebook covers housing law and policy. Explores, housing policies, neighborhood revitalization policies, and even the U.S. foreclosure crisis. [For publisher's description click HERE]

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  • Holding Ground: The Rebirth of Dudley Street. The film looks at urban policies that had an adverse effect on the community from the point of view of the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, a nonprofit community-based planning and organizing entity rooted in the Roxbury/North Dorchester neighborhoods of Boston, Massachusetts. [For publisher's description click HERE]

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