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Faculty and Staff Event Planning

Welcome to online tools to help you plan your events and lead you to the people and resources that will help make your event a success.

To begin your planning:

  1. Determine the goals, audience and format of your event. Consider a variety of event formats.
  2. To begin the event planning process, fill out an Event Planning Request Form. If you are considering planning a major academic event such as a conference, public lecture, or roundtable, contact Associate Dean Barbara Gontrum to discuss the goals and aims of your project.
  3. Mary Jo Rodney and the Event Services Group are your main resource for event support and logistics. They can help guide you through the steps involved in event planning and provide advice on all aspects of event logistics. They can also help put you in touch with other Law School resources to make your event a success. These resources include:
    1. Date setting and space reservations. Mary Jo Rodney maintains a master calendar and schedule of all Law School Events. Contact her to discuss potential dates for your event and to determine space availability. The events calendar at the Law School is increasingly hectic, so for the best dates, plan your event early.
    2. Budget. You will need to create a budget for your event and submit it for review to Dean Gontrum and Andreas Ortmeyer. For assistance in developing your budget and ideas on costs for various items, contact Ms. Rodney. Dean Gontrum can assist you in determining Law School resources that are available to fund your program.
    3. Media Services. Requests for audiovisual or technology support, including supporting conference speakers use of media during presentations and conference recording must be submitted for review by the Media Services Department in advance.  An AV specialist will discuss your program needs and the technology options available.  Because of heavy demand, delivery of equipment and AV support cannot be guaranteed without this advanced notice. Please consult the Media Services Event Checklist for more details and timelines.

    4. Speaker Support. Support for your speakers comes from a variety of sources. Speakers typically make their own travel arrangements. The Event Services Group will coordinate blocks of hotel rooms for your speakers and conference participants. Your administrative assistant or program coordinator can ensure that speakers who are receiving travel reimbursement or honoraria fill out a Travel Reimbursement Form and Honorarium Form, to be returned to Dean Glorioso, as well as Speaker releases/agreements, which should be sent to Michele Ondra, Library Administrative Office.
    5. Conference Papers. Electronic media allow for sharing of conference materials before the meeting and wide dissemination of conference afterward. Contact Sue McCarty to discuss options for posting of conference papers and disseminating them through the Law School’s E-Scholarship Repository. This and other electronic resources can link to your conference webpage and your faculty page as well.
    6. Marketing and Promotion. The Department of Communications will determine the best methods for marketing your event, formulate a publicity plan, coordinate media relations for your event and build a conference webpage promoting the event and providing for online registration. To effectively promote your program to audiences outside the Law School, you will need to provide your conference agenda, and confirmed speakers with professional biographies 4 months prior to the program.
    7. Catering. Mary Jo Rodney and Event Services will advise or coordinate catering needs for the event. You can meet with them to discuss options for food and beverage service or make your own plans for 25 or less people.
    8. Conference Materials. The Communications Group can work with your administrative assistant or program coordinator to develop event materials and day of program signage.

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