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hndshak3.wmf (10422 bytes) Mrs. Lillian Kim: Relations between Blacks and Chinese in Baltimore during the Jim Crow era.
wpe9.jpg (10649 bytes) Mrs. Lillian Kim: Intermarriage between Chinese and other groups during the Jim Crow era.
building.wmf (10806 bytes) Mrs. Lillian Kim : Her arrival in Baltimore.
img:Dollar Mrs. Lillian Kim : A discussion on the Chinese Merchants Association.
WB01356_.gif (356 bytes) Mrs. Lillian Kim : The Riots in Baltimore.
hndshak3.wmf (10422 bytes) Mr. Sam Weinblatt: Blacks helping Chinese during the riots in Baltimore.
PE01805A.gif (1199 bytes) Mr. Sam Weinblatt: Selling Insurance to Chinese in Baltimore.
money.wmf (10358 bytes) Mr. Sam Weinblatt: Economic Diversity of Chinese in Baltimore.
diploma.wmf (3510 bytes) Mr. Sam Weinblatt: Providing assistance to Chinese immigrants
wpe4.gif (4008 bytes) Mr. Sam Weinblatt: Sam's love affair with the Chinese Community
champgne.wmf (34806 bytes) Mr. Hyman Rubenstein : Attending Chinese New Year's Celebration in Baltimore.
WB01356_.gif (356 bytes) Mr. Hyman Rubenstein : The Riots in Baltimore

*Video clips were prepared for 28.8 bps transmission rates.  Special thanks to Dr. Theo Stone at the University of Maryland School of Nursing for assistance in preparing the Real Video clips.