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Chinatown Student Paper Topics

1. Tara Andrews, A historical overview of the enforcement of criminal law against or on behalf of Baltimore Chinese residents. (1998)
2. Robert Bahrampour & Dana Weinstein, Creation of the project Website; location of architectural and other visual remainders of the Baltimore Chinese community in the nineteenth and twentieth century.
3. Anissa Cadar, Sailors of the Pallas (1999)
4. Jennifer M. Carter, Abominable Mixtures and Spurious Issues: The Racist and Economic Impeti Behind Anti-Miscegenation Statutes Against Blacks and Chinese. (2000)
5. Yum Yu Cheng, A Comparative Study: The Black, Jewish and Chinese Experience in the Baltimore Labor Market from 1920 to 1950 (1999).
6. Jennifer Dayton, Where Is Baltimore's Chinatown: Occupancy and Ownership Patterns in the 300 Block of Park Avenue. (2001)
7. Tiffanee Dykes, Baltimore and the Anti-Chinese Movement. (1998)
8. Deborah Fleischaker, The Exclusion of Chinese Women: 1870-1940. (1998)
9. Linda M. Gantt, The Washing Baltimore: A Perspective on the Chinese and Laundry Business in Baltimore, 1890-1920. (1998)
10. Josh Hamlin, Half the Story Has Never Been Told: Public History, Historic Preservation, and Homogeneous Cultural Identity. (1999)
11. Domiento C.R. Hill, United We Stand, Divided We Fall: The Racial Barriers and Myths Destroying The African American and Asian American Communities. (1998)
12. Amy Horton-Newell, Who Was Captain John O'Donnell? (1999).
13. Jennifer Fefel Jahromi,The Chinese in Baltimore: The Locations of Chinese Restaurants & Laundries in Baltimore from 1877-1964. (2000) [includes computer mapping project]
14. Charlene S. Lee, Chinese/Caucasian and Chinese/African American Intermarriage in the Mid-Atlantic Region: The Cases of Dorothy and Sam Lee One and Chong and Lucy Way. (2000)
15. Eric J. Lester, Maryland Legislator's Role in the Enactment of the Chinese Exclusion Laws. (1999).
16. Joseph C. Lim, The Historical Connection Between the Chinese Community and the Episcopal Church in Baltimore. (1999)
17. Carla McGregor, Loss of Citizenship by Marriage: Marriage, Women, Citizenship & Naturalization Laws in the Late 1800s (Chinese immigrants). (1998)
18. Yoanna X. Moisides, Black and Chinese Students in Maryland Higher Education from 1921 to 1965. (2000)
19. Anna Nassif, The Historic Development of Chinese Restaurants in Baltimore: A Lesson in Adaptation, Diligence and Community (1999).
20. Nicole Ripken, Political Influence of the Baltimore Chinese American Community. (1998)
21. Kimberly Robinson, Baltimore's Chinese Community: The Education of Chinese Children. (1998)
22. Haydee M. Rodriguez, American Jurisprudence and Restrictive Covenants: Baltimore and Its Restrictions on its Non-White Citizens, 1930-1940. (2001)
23. Lauren Rubenstein and Curtis Borland, Oral History: Hyman B. Rubenstein–Legal Representation for Chinese Americans During the Jim Crow Era. (1998) [with video interview]
24. Stacy Sallerson, Chinese Out-Marriage in Baltimore, 1884-1967. (1998)
25. Sandra Shin, The Chinese Exclusion Era: A Tug-of-War Between Chinese Immigrants And Immigration Officials. (2000)