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Tiffanee L. Dykes, Baltimore and the Anti-Chinese Movement

During the latter part of the nineteenth century anti-Chinese sentiment was rampant in western states and territories like California, Wyoming, Washington. The situation in Baltimore during this period was less intense. There were only two reported incidents of anti-Chinese sentiment in the city during this period. This project discusses why the racial climate for Chinese settlers was different from the climate in the western part of the country. The writer concludes that the absence of direct labor competition between Chinese and white workers, the relative isolation of the Baltimore Chinese community, and the high rate of conversion to Christianity among Chinese residents reduced racial hostility toward Chinese residents in Baltimore.


Domiento C.R. Hill and Tara Andrews, Crime and Baltimore’s Asian American Community

Tara Andrews looks for historical evidence of discriminatory criminal prosecution and hate crimes against members of the Chinese community. Domiento Hill examines contemporary tensions between the Asian Americans, especially Korean Americans, and African Americans in Baltimore.