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Lillian Kim, who authored Early Baltimore Chinese Families, is lauded as the local expert on the Baltimore Chinese community.  During the semester, students had the opportunity to interview Mrs. Kim about her experiences as a Chinese woman during the Jim Crow era in Baltimore.  Mrs. Kim also provided invaluable information on Chinese laundries, restaurants, immigration, religion, education, and employment.  The class is truly grateful for her dedication and assistance.  The interview is currently on file with Professor Banks. 

In addition to Mrs. Kim's interview, Professor Banks also possesses interviews with Hyman Rubenstein, Sam Weinblatt, and Thomas McDaniel. Hyman B. Rubenstein was a partner with his brother Leon (now deceased) in the law firm of Rubenstein and Rubenstein located across from the Baltimore City Hall. The law firm provided pro bono legal services for many members of the Baltimore Chinese community.    They assisted with the disposition of property left in China and other financial matters. Leon went on to serve two terms in the Maryland State legislature followed by several years on the city council.  Leon sponsored the first Baltimore City resolution to officially recognize the Chinese New Year. While in the legislature, he also sponsored the first anti-Jim Crow law.

Sam Weinblatt, who sold life insurance to Baltimore's Chinese community for sixty six years, spoke with members of the class about his experiences with the community.  Mr.Weinblatt attended almost every Chinese celebration in Baltimore and provided the class with thoughtful insight into the many intricacies surrounding Baltimore's Chinese community during the Jim Crow era.  We appreciate Mr. Weinblatt's continuous support on this project and his generous donation of his personal and professional papers dealing with the Chinese community in Baltimore.   

Starting in the 1960's, Thomas McDaniel worked in various capacities for restauranteur Jimmy Wu.