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Professor Taunya Banks

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1998 Jurisprudence Seminar Class

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Students (Robert Bahrampour and Dana Weinstein) meet with
Mrs. Lillian Kim at the Grace and Saint Peters Church in Baltimore, Maryland.

1999 Jurisprudence Seminar Class

During the Spring 1998 semester, students in Professor Banks' Jurisprudence Seminar : Emerging Trends In Equality Jurisprudence worked on a class project, In Search of Baltimore's Chinatown:  What It Was Like To Be Chinese in Jim Crow Baltimore.  This historical project looked at the legal and social status of Chinese immigrants who settled and operated businesses in Baltimore during the 20th century before the 1960s.   Students engaged in field research looking at legal documents, newspapers, and other archival materials documenting the existence and legal status of Chinese settlers in Baltimore.  The overriding question was the legal and social consequences of being classified as neither "black" nor "white" in the United States.