Recent Faculty Scholarship


Christopher Brown The Road to Jim Crow (2016). [Abstract]
Danielle Citron Hate Crimes in Cyberspace (2014). [Abstract]
Peter G. Danchin Editor, Politics of Religious Freedom (2015) (with Winnifred Fallers Sullivan, Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, and Saba Mahmood). [Abstract]
Martha Ertman Love's Promises: How Formal and Informal Contracts Shape All Kinds of Families (2015). [Abstract]
Leigh Goodmark Editor, Comparative Perspectives on Gender Violence: Lessons from Efforts Worldwide (2015) (with Rashmi Goel). [Abstract]
Michelle Harner Reporter, Final Report of the ABI Commission to Study the Reform of Chapter 11 (American Bankruptcy Institute 2014). [Full Text]
Renée Hutchins Learning Criminal Procedure (2015) (with Ric Simmons). [Abstract]
Michael Millemann The New 1L: First Year Lawyering with Clients (2015) (with Eduardo Capulong, Sara K. Rankin, and Nantiya Ruan). [Abstract]
Paula Monopoli Contemporary Trusts and Estates: An Experiential Approach (2d ed. 2014) (with others). [Abstract]
Frank Pasquale The Black Box Society: The Secret Algorithms that Control Money and Information (2015). [Abstract]
Robert Percival Against All Odds: How America's Century-Old Quest for Clean Air May Spur a New Era of Global Environmental Cooperation (2016). [Abstract]

Editor, Global Environmental Law at a Crossroads (2014) (with Jolene Lin and William Piermattei). [Abstract]
Garrett Power Constitutional Limitations on Sovereignty (2014). [Full Text]
Karen Rothenberg The Drama of DNA: Narrative Genomics (2014) (with Lynn W. Bush). [Abstract]
Jana Singer Divorced from Reality: Rethinking Family Dispute Resolution (2015) (with Jane C. Murphy). [Abstract]
Rena Steinzor Why Not Jail?: Industrial Catastrophes, Corporate Malfeasance, and Government Inaction (2014). [Abstract]
Donald Tobin Federal Income Tax: A Contemporary Approach (2d ed. 2014) (with Samuel Donaldson). [Abstract]

Book Chapters

Taunya Lovell Banks Race, Place and Historic Moment—Black and Japanese American World War II Veterans: The G.I. Bill of Rights and the Model Minority Myth, in Intergroup Conflict and Cooperation (Robert S. Chang & Greg Robinson eds., forthcoming 2016). [Abstract]
Danielle Citron Protecting Sexual Privacy in the Information Age, in Privacy in the Modern Age: The Search for Solutions 46 (Marc Rotenberg et al. eds., 2015).
Peter G. Danchin Religious Freedom in the Panopticon of Enlightenment Rationality, in Politics of Religious Freedom (2015) (with Winnifred Fallers Sullivan, Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, and Saba Mahmood).
David Gray Constitutional Criminal Procedure, in American Governance (Stephen L. Schechter et al. eds., 2016) (with Michael Jacko).
  Justice and Mercy in the Face of Excessive Suffering: Some Preliminary Thoughts, in Nussbaum and Law 277 (Robin West ed., 2015).
James Grimmelmann Big Data's Other Privacy Problem, in Big Data and the Law (2014). [Full Text]
Frank Pasquale Privacy, Autonomy, and Internet Platforms, in Privacy in the Modern Age: The Search for Solutions 165 (Marc Rotenberg et al. eds., 2015).
Robert Percival Risk, Uncertainty and Precaution: Lessons from the History of US Environmental Law, in Trade and the Environment: The European Union Put to the Test (Marjolein B.A. van Asselt et al. eds., 2014). [Full Text]


Taunya Lovell Banks Post-Katrina Suppression of Black Working-Class Political Expression, 22 Journal of Public Management & Social Policy, no. 2, art. 2 (2015). [Full Text]
  Colorism Among South Asians: Title VII and Skin Tone Discrimination, 14 Washington University Global Studies Law Review 665 (2015). [Full Text]
  Still Drowning in Segregation: Limits of Law in Post-Civil Rights America, 32 Law & Inequality 215 (2014). [Full Text]
Andrew Blair-Stanek Intellectual Property Law Solutions to Tax Avoidance, 62 UCLA Law Review 2 (2015). [Full Text]
Richard Boldt The “Voluntary” Inpatient Treatment of Adults Under Guardianship, 60 Villanova Law Review 1 (2015). [Full Text]
  Problem-Solving Courts and Pragmatism, 73 Maryland Law Review 1120 (2014). [Full Text]
  Perspectives on Outpatient Commitment, 49 New England Law Review 39 (2014). [Full Text]
Maxwell O. Chibundu Can, Do, and Should Legal Entities Have Dignity?: The Case of the State, 75 Maryland Law Review 194 (2015). [Full Text]
  Critical Perspectives on Intervention: Thoughts in Response to Professor Richardson's Keynote Lecture, 29 Maryland Journal of International Law 50 (2014). [Full Text]
Danielle Citron Privacy Enforcement Pioneers: The Role of State Attorneys General in the Development of Prviacy Law, Notre Dame Law Review (forthcoming 2016).
  Spying, Inc., 72 Washington & Lee Law Review 1243 (2015). [Full Text]
  Promoting Innovation While Preventing Discrimination: Policy Goals for the Scored Society, 89 Washington Law Review 1413 (2014) (with Frank Pasquale). [Full Text]
  Criminalizing Revenge Porn, 49 Wake Forest Law Review 345 (2014) (with Mary Anne Franks). [Full Text]
  The Scored Society: Due Process for Automated Predictions, 89 Washington Law Review 1 (2014) (with Frank Pasquale). [Full Text]
Douglas Colbert The Maryland Access to Justice Story: Indigent Defendants' Right to Counsel at First Appearance, 15 University of Maryland Law Journal of Race, Religion, Gender and Class 1 (2015). [Full Text]
Robert Condlin The "Nature" of Legal Dispute Bargaining, 17 Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution 393 (2016). [Full Text]
  Assessing Experiential Learning, Jobs and All: A Response to the Three Professors, 2015 Wisconsin Law Review Forward 65. [Full Text]
  Are Justices Ginsburg and Scalia Disabling the Enabling Act, or Is Shady Grove Just Another Bad Opera?, Working Paper (2015). [Full Text]
  "Practice Ready Graduates": A Millennialist Fantasy, 31 Touro Law Review 75 (2014). [Full Text]
Karen Czapanskiy Kids and Rules: Challenging Individualization in Special Education, 45 Journal of Law & Education 1 (2016).
  The Shared Custody Child Support Adjustment: Not Worth the Candle, 49 Family Law Quarterly 409 (2015).
  Special Kids, Special Parents, Special Education, 47 University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform 733 (2014). [Full Text]
Peter G. Danchin Politics of Religious Freedom: Case Studies, 29 Maryland Journal of International Law 293 (2014) (with others). [Full Text]
  Unlawful Religion? Modern Secular Power and the Legal Reasoning in the JFS Case, 29 Maryland Journal of International Law 419 (2014) (with Louis Blond). [Full Text]
  Politics of Religious Freedom: Contested Genealogies, 113 South Atlantic Quarterly 1 (2014) (with Saba Mahmood).
  Immunity or Regulation?: Antinomies of Religious Freedom, 113 South Atlantic Quarterly 129 (2014) (with Saba Mahmood).
Deborah Thompson Eisenberg Reflections on "Innovations in Family Dispute Resolution", 75 Maryland Law Review Endnotes 1 (2016). [Full Text]
  What We Know (and Need to Know) About Court-Annexed Dispute Resolution, 67 South Carolina Law Review 245 (2016). [Full Text]
  The Restorative Workplace: An Organizational Learning Approach to Discrimination, 50 Richmond Law Review 487 (2016). [Full Text]
Martha Ertman The Social Life of Blood, Milk & Sperm, 51 Tulsa Law Review 393 (2016).
  Marital Contracting in a Post-Windsor World, 42 Florida State University Law Review 479 (2015). [Full Text]
  Unexpected Links Between Baby Markets and Intergenerational Justice, 8 Law & Ethics of Human Rights 271 (2014). [Full Text]
Donald Gifford Keeping Cases from Black Juries: An Empirical Analysis of How Race, Income Equality, and Regional History Affect Tort Law, 73 Washington & Lee Law Review 557 (2016). [Full Text]
  Apportioning Liability in Maryland Tort Cases: Time to End Contributory Negligence and Joint and Several Liability, 73 Maryland Law Review 701 (2014) (with Christopher J. Robinette). [Full Text]
Daniel Goldberg The Target Method for Partnership Special Allocations and Why It Should Be Safe-Harbored, 69 Tax Lawyer (forthcoming 2016). [Abstract]
Leigh Goodmark Hands Up at Home: Militarized Masculinity and Police Officers Who Commit Intimate Partner Abuse, 2015 Brigham Young University Law Review 1183. [Full Text]
  CONVERGEing Around the Study of Gender Violence: The Gender Violence Clinic at the University of Maryland Carey School of Law, 5 U. Miami Race & Social Justice Law Review 661 (2015). [Full Text]
  "Law and Justice Are not Always the Same": Creating Community-Based Justice Forums for People Subjected to Intimate Partner Abuse, 42 Florida State University Law Review 707 (2015). [Full Text]
  Stalled at 20: VAWA, the Criminal Justice System, and the Possibilities of Restorative Justice, CUNY Law Review, Dec. 16, 2014. [Full Text]
Mark Graber Book Review, 33 Law & History Review 235 (2015) (reviewing J. David Alvis et al., The Contested Removal Power, 1789-2010 (2013)).
  Beard and Uber-Beard, 29 Constitutional Commentary 293 (2014). [Full Text]
  The Declaration of Independence as Canon Fodder, 49 Tulsa Law Review 469 (2014) (book review). [Full Text]
David Gray A Collective Right to Be Secure from Unreasonable Tracking, 48 Texas Tech Law Review (forthcoming).
  Dangerous Dicta, 72 Washington & Lee Law Review 1181 (2015).
  Fourth Amendment Remedies as Rights: The Warrant Requirement, 96 Boston University Law Review (forthcoming).
  The ABA Standards for Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement Access to Third Party Records: Critical Perspectives from a Technology-Centered Approach, 66 Oklahoma Law Review 919 (2014).
James Grimmelmann Consenting to Computer Use, George Washington Law Review (forthcoming 2016).
  There's No Such Thing as a Computer-Authored Work--And It's a Good Thing, Too, Columbia Journal of Law & the Arts (forthcoming 2016).
  Copyright for Literate Robots, 101 Iowa Law Review 657 (2016).
  The Law and Ethics of Experiments on Social Media Users, 13 Colorado Technology Law Journal 219 (2015).
  The Virtues of Moderation, 17 Yale Journal of Law & Technology 42 (2015). [Full Text]
  Anarchy, Status Updates, and Utopia, 35 Pace Law Review 135 (2015). [Full Text]
  Indistinguishable from Magic: A Wizard's Guide to Copyright and 3D Printing, 71 Washington & Lee Law Review 683 (2014). [Full Text]
  The Merchants of MOOCs, 44 Seton Hall Law Review 1035 (2014). [Full Text]
  Speech Engines, 94 Minnesota Law Review 868 (2014). [Full Text]
Toby Treem Guerin Relationships Matter: The Role for Social-Emotional Learning in an Interprofessional Global Health Education, 42 Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 38 (2014).
Michelle Harner La Reforma Del Capitulo 11 Del U.S. Bankruptcy Code [The Reform of Chapter 11 of the U. S. Bankruptcy Code], 24 Revista de Derecho Concursal y Paraconcursal 537 (Juan Ignacio Signes de Mesa trans., 2016).
  Disciplining Corporate Boards and Debtholders Through Targeted Proxy Access, Indiana Law Journal (forthcoming 2016). [Full Text]
  Are Small- and Medium-Sized Companies Worth Saving?, American Bankruptcy Institute Journal, July 2015, at 8.
  The Value of Soft Variables in Corporate Reorganizations, 2015 University of Illinois Law Review 509. [Full Text]
  Deal Deconstructions, Case Studies, and Case Simulations: Toward Practice Readiness with New Pedagogies in Teaching Business and Transactional Law, 3 American University Business Law Review 81 (2014) (with Robert Rhee). [Full Text]
  Teaching LLCs Through a Problem-Based Approach, 71 Washington & Lee Law Review 489 (2014) (with Robert Rhee). [Full Text]
  Activist Investors, Distressed Companies, and Value Uncertainty, 22 American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review 167 (2014) (with Jamie Marincic Griffin and Jennifer Ivey-Crickenberger). [Full Text]
  A More Realistic Approach to Directors' Duties, 15 Transactions: The Tennessee Journal of Business Law 15 (2014). [Full Text]
  Facilitating Successful Failures, 66 Florida Law Review 205 (2014) (with Jamie Marincic Griffin). [Full Text]
Leslie Meltzer Henry Just Compensation: A No-Fault Proposal for Research-Related Injuries, Journal of Law & the Biosciences (2015). [Full Text]
  Respect and Dignity: A Conceptual Model for Patients in the Intensive Care Unit, 5.1A Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics 5A (2015) (with others). [Full Text]
Diane Hoffmann Stopping Deceptive Health Claims: The Need for a Private Right of Action Under Federal Law, American Journal of Law & Medicine (forthcoming 2016) (with Jack Schwartz). [Full Text]
  Increasing Access to Dental and Medical Care by Allowing Greater Flexibility in Scope of Practice, 105 American Journal of Public Health 1755 (2015) (with Richard J. Manski and Virginia Rowthorn).
  Laying the Foundation for an Interprofessional, Comparative Health Law Clinic, 42 Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 392 (2014) (with Chikosa Banda and Kassim Amuli). [Abstract]
  Probiotics: Achieving a Better Regulatory Fit, 69 Food & Drug Law Journal 237 (2014) (with others). [Full Text]
Kathleen Hoke Guidelines for Avoiding Pitfalls when Drafting Juvenile Curfew Laws: A Legal Analysis, 8 St. Louis U. Journal of Health Law & Policy 301 (2015) (with Elyse R. Grossman). [Full Text]
  Out of View but in Plain Sight: The Illegal Sale of Single Cigarettes, 91 Journal of Urban Health 355 (2014) (with others).
Peter Holland Current Trends in Consumer Junk Debt Buyer Litigation, Maryland Bar Journal, May 2016, at 18. [Full Text]
  Debt-Buyer Lawsuits and Inaccurate Data, 25 Communities & Banking 20 (2014). [Full Text]
  Junk Justice: A Statistical Analysis of 4,400 Lawsuits Filed by Debt Buyers, 26 Loyola Consumer Law Review 179 (2014). [Full Text]
Renée Hutchins You Can't Handle the Truth! Trial Juries and Credibility, 44 Seton Hall Law Review 505 (2014) [Full Text]
  When Enough is Enough: Location Tracking, Mosaic Theory, and Machine Learning, 8 NYU Journal of Law & Liberty 555 (2014) (with Steven M. Bellovin, Tony Jebara & Sebastian Zimmeck, 2013). [Full Text]
Sherri Lee Keene Standing in the Judge’s Shoes: Exploring Techniques to Help Legal Writers More Fully Address the Needs of Their Audience, 50 University of San Francisco Law Review Forum 479 (2016). [Full Text]
  Victim or Thug? Examining the Relevance of Stories in Cases Involving Shootings of Unarmed Black Males, 58 Howard Law Journal 845 (2015). [Full Text]
  Are We There Yet? Aligning the Expectations and Realities of Gaining Competency in Legal Writing, 53 Duquesne Law Review 99 (2015). [Full Text]
  One Small Step for Legal Writing, One Giant Leap for Legal Education: Making the Case for More Writing Opportunities in the 'Practice-Ready' Law School Curriculum, 65 Mercer Law Review 467 (2014). [Full Text]
Lee Kovarsky The Local Concentration of Capital Punishment, Duke Law Journal (forthcoming 2016).
  The Habeas Optimist, 81 University of Chicago Law Review Dialogue 108 (2014).
  Prisoners and Habeas Privileges Under the Fourteenth Amendment, 67 Vanderbilt Law Review 609 (2014). [Full Text]
Russell McClain Helping Our Students Reach Their Full Potential: The Insidious Consequences of Ignoring Stereotype Threat, 17 Rutgers Race & Law Review 1 (2016). [Full Text]
Michael Millemann Legal Education in Transition: Trends and Their Implications, 94 Nebraska Law Review 1 (2015) (with Sheldon Krantz). [Full Text]
Paula Monopoli Contemporary Trusts and Estates—An Experiential Approach, 58 Saint Louis University Law Journal 727 (2014) (with others). [Full Text]
Michael Pappas Defining Power Property Expectations, 45 Environmental Law Reporter News & Analysis 10542 (2015). [Full Text]
  Distributed, Nega-, and Reclaimed: Setting Expectations in the "New" Resource Base, 32 Pace Environmental Law Review 471 (2015).
  Anti-Waste, 56 Arizona Law Review 741 (2014). [Full Text]
  Energy Versus Property, 41 Florida State University Law Review 435 (2014). [Full Text]
Frank Pasquale Democratizing Higher Education: Defending and Extending Income-Based Repayment Programs, 28 Loyola Consumer Law Review 1 (2016).
  Law and Economics: Contemporary Approaches, Yale Law & Policy Review (forthcoming 2016) (with Martha T. McCluskey and Jennifer Taub).
  Synergy and Tradition: The Unity of Research, Service, and Teaching in Legal Education, 40 Journal of the Legal Profession 25 (2015). [Full Text]
  Reforming the Law of Reputation, 47 Loyola University of Chicago Law Journal 515 (2015). [Full Text]
  The Spectrum of Control: A Social Theory of the Smart City, First Monday, vol. 20, no. 7 (2015) (with Jathan Sadowski). [Full Text]
  The Algorithmic Self, The Hedgehog Review, vol. 17, no. 1 (2015). [Full Text]
  Law's Acceleration of Finance: Redefining the Problem of High-Frequency Trading, 36 Cardozo Law Review 2085 (2015). [Full Text]
  Four Futures of Legal Automation, 63 UCLA Law Review Discourse 26 (2015) (with Glyn Cashwell). [Full Text]
  Promoting Innovation While Preventing Discrimination: Policy Goals for the Scored Society, 89 Washington Law Review 1413 (2014) (with Danielle Citron). [Full Text]
  The Hidden Costs of Health Care Cost-Cutting: Toward a Postneoliberal Health-Reform Agenda, 77 Law & Contemporary Problems, no. 4, 2014, at 171. [Full Text]
  Redescribing Health Privacy: The Importance of Information Policy, 14 Houston Journal of Health Law & Policy 95 (2014). [Full Text]
  Protecting Health Privacy in an Era of Big Data Processing and Cloud Computing, 47 Stanford Technology Law Review 595 (2014) (with Tara Adams Ragone). [Full Text]
  Private Certifiers and Deputies in American Health Care, 92 North Carolina Law Review 1661 (2014). [Full Text]
  The Scored Society: Due Process for Automated Predictions, 89 Washington Law Review 1 (2014) (with Danielle Citron). [Full Text]
Robert Percival Restating Environmental Law, 40 Columbia Journal of Environmental Law 1 (2015) (with others).
  Book Review, 3 Transnational Environmental Law 407 (2014) (reviewing Rule of Law for Nature: New Dimensions and Ideas in Environmental Law, ed. Christina Voigt (2013)).
  The Role of Civil Society in Environmental Governance in the United States and China 24 Duke Environmental Law & Policy Forum 142 (2014) (with Huiyu Zhao). [Full Text]
  Presidential Power to Address Climate Change in an Era of Legislative Gridlock, 32 Virginia Environmental Law Journal 134 (2014). [Full Text]
Michael Pinard Poor, Black and "Wanted": Criminal Justice in Ferguson and Baltimore, 58 Howard Law Journal 857 (2015). [Full Text]
Garrett Power Requiem for Regulation, 44 Environmental Law Reporter 10923 (2014). [Full Text]
Amanda C. Pustilnik "And if Your Friends Jumped Off a Bridge, Would You Do it too?": How Developmental Neuroscience Can Inform Legal Regimes Governing Adolescents, 12 Indiana Health Law Review 533 (2015) (with Michael N. Tennison). [Full Text]
  Imaging Brains, Changing Minds: How Pain Neuroimaging Can Inform the Law, 66 Alabama Law Review 1099 (2015). [Full Text]
William Reynolds The Maryland Law Review at Seventy-Five, 75 Maryland Law Review 1190 (2016).
  The New Territorialism in the Not-So-New Frontier of Cyberspace, 99 Cornell Law Review 1415 (2014) (with Juliet M. Moringiello). [Full Text]
Karen Rothenberg Setting the Stage: Enhancing Understanding of Bioethical Challenges with Theatre, 11 Indiana Health Law Review 1 (2014). [Full Text]
  Finding Fault?: Exploring Legal Duties to Return Incidental Findings in Genomic Research, 102 Georgetown Law Journal 795 (2014) (with Elizabeth R. Pike and Benjamin E. Berkman). [Full Text]
Virginia Rowthorn Global/Local: What Does It Mean for Global Health Educators and How Do We Do It?, 81 Annals of Global Health 593 (2016).
  Measuring the Cross-Cultural Adaptability of a Graduate Student Team from a Global Immersion Experience, 22 Journal of Cultural Diversity 148 (2015) (with Leslie B. Glickman and Jody Olsen).
  Putting the Pieces Together: Creating and Implementing an Interprofessional Global Health Grant Program, 3 Healthcare 258 (2015) (with Jody Olsen).
  Increasing Access to Dental and Medical Care by Allowing Greater Flexibility in Scope of Practice, 105 American Journal of Public Health 1755 (2015) (with Richard J. Manski and Diane Hoffmann).
  Identifying Interprofessional Global Health Competencies for 21st Century Health Professionals, 81 Annals of Global Health 239 (2015) (with others). [Full Text]
  All Together Now: Developing a Team Skills Competency Domain for Global Health Education, 42 Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 550 (2015) (with Jody Olsen). [Abstract]
  Probiotics: Achieving a Better Regulatory Fit, 69 Food & Drug Law Journal 237 (2014) (with others). [Full Text]
Jana Singer Moving Family Dispute Resolution from the Court System to the Community, 75 Maryland Law Review Endnotes 9 (2016).
  Bargaining in the Shadow of the Best-Interests Standard: The Close Connection Between Substance and Process in Resolving Divorce-Related Parenting Disputes, 77 Law & Contemporary Problems, no. 1, 2014, at 177. [Full Text]
Max Stearns Spokeo v. Robins and the Constitutional Foundations of Statutory Standing, 68 Vanderbilt Law Review en banc 221 (2015). [Full Text]
  Constitutional Law in Social Choice Perspective, 163 Public Choice 167 (2015). [Abstract]
Rena Steinzor How Criminal Law Can Help Save the Environment, 46 Environmental Law 209 (2016). [Full Text]
  (Still) "Unsafe at Any Speed": Why Not Jail for Auto Executives?, 9 Harvard Law & Policy Review 443 (2015). [Full Text]
Robert Suggs A Functional Approach to Copyright Policy, 83 University of Cincinnati Law Review 1293 (2015). [Full Text]
Maureen Sweeney Shadow Immigration Enforcement and its Constitutional Dangers, 104 Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology 227 (2014). [Full Text]
Donald Tobin Citizens United and Taxable Entities: Will Taxable Entities be the New Stealth Dark Money Campaign Organizations?, 49 Valparaiso University Law Review 583 (2015). [Full Text]
  The Internal Revenue Service and a Crisis of Confidence: A New Regulatory Approach for a New Era, 16 Florida Tax Review 429 (2014). [Full Text]
  The 2013 IRS Crisis: Where Do We Go From Here?, 142 Tax Notes 1120 (2014). [Full Text]
Katherine Vaughns Fixation: An Obsessive or Unhealthy Preoccupation or Attachment, 27 Journal of Civil Rights & Economic Development 587 (2014). [Full Text]
Marley Weiss Human Trafficking and Forced Labor: A Primer, 31 ABA Journal of Labor and Employment Law 1 (2015).


Peter G. Danchin The Politics of Religious Freedom: Contested Genealogies, Special Issue, 113:1 South Atlantic Quarterly (2014) (with Saba Mahmood). [Abstract]
Virginia Rowthorn Abstract, Creating and Evaluating an Interprofessional Faculty and Student Global Health Grant Program, 81 Annals of Global Health 51 (2015) (with Jody Olsen).
  Abstract, Report from the CUGH Global Health Competency Subcommittee, 81 Annals of Global Health 235 (2015) (with others).
  Guest Editor, Special Supplement Issue: Interprofessional Global Health Education: Ensuring the Collaborative Promise of 21st Century Global Health Practice, 42 Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics (2014) (with Jody Olsen and Jon Mark Hirshon).

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