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Robert Rhee

Professor of Law

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Office: 452

BA, 1988, University of Chicago
MBA, 1997, University of Pennsylvania
JD, 1991, George Washington University

Curriculum Vitae

Biography | Selected Publications

Professor Rhee’s legal experience includes positions as a law clerk on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, and a trial attorney in the Honors Program of the U.S. Department of Justice. He also has significant investment banking experience. He was a vice president in financial institutions investment banking at Fox-Pitt, Kelton (a unit of Swiss Re) in New York, and an M&A investment banker at UBS Warburg in London. He has worked on public and private M&A assignments, distressed restructurings, private equity funding, and debt and equity issuances. His articles have been published in New York University Law Review, Michigan Law Review, Northwestern University Law Review, Notre Dame Law Review, Emory Law Journal, and William & Mary Law Review. Professor Rhee is also the author of several books: Essential Concepts of Business for Lawyers (Wolters Kluwer Law & Business 2012); Limited Liability Entities: State by State Guide to LLCs, LLPs, and LPs, volumes 1-10 (Wolters Kluwer Law & Business); Corporate Finance (forthcoming 2014, casebook with Aspen Publishers). Professor Rhee’s scholarship is frequently cited in leading law reviews and academic books. Starting fall 2014, he will be the John H. & Mary Lou Dasburg Professor of Law at the University of Florida Levin College of Law. He is a Professor (courtesy) at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, and he was a visiting professor in fall 2013 at Georgetown University Law Center. He has taught corporate ethics at the University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business. Professor Rhee has served as an expert witness opining on issues related to fiduciary duty and governance in business organizations, and has provided transactional and negotiation training to attorneys at a major law firm.


Essential Concepts of Business for Lawyers (2012). [Abstract]

Limited Liability Entities: State by State Guide to LLCs, LLPs, and LPs (2012) (with Bradley T. Borden). [Abstract]

Book Chapters

Crisis, Rescue, and Corporate Social Responsibility under American Corporate Law, in Reframing Corporate Social Responsibility: Lessons from the Global Financial Crisis 127 (William Sun et al. eds., 2010) [Full Text]

Participation and Disintermediation in a Risk Society, in Law and Recovery From Disaster: Hurricane Katrina 103 (Robin Paul Malloy ed., 2009). [Full Text]


On Duopoly and Compensation Games in the Credit Rating Industry, 108 Northwestern University Law Review 85 (2014).

Deal Deconstructions, Case Studies, and Case Simulations: Toward Practice Readiness with New Pedagogies in Teaching Business and Transactional Law, 3 American University Business Law Review 81 (2014) (with Michelle Harner). [Full Text]

Teaching LLCs Through a Problem-Based Approach, 71 Washington & Lee Law Review 489 (2014) (with Michelle Harner). [Full Text]

Specialization in Law and Busness: A Proposal for a J.D./"M.B.L." Curriculum, 17 Chapman Law Review 37 (2013). [Full Text]

Loss of Chance, Probabilistic Cause, and Damage Calculations: The Error in Matsuyama v. Birnbaum and the Majority Rule of Damages in Many Jurisdictions More Generally, 1 Suffolk University Law Review Online 39 (2013). [Full Text]

The Tort Foundation of Duty of Care and Business Judgment, 88 Notre Dame Law Review 1139 (2013). [Full Text]

Tackling "Arithmophobia": Teaching How to Read, Understand, and Analyze Financial Statements, 14 Transactions: The Tennessee Journal of Business Law 341 (2013) (with others). [Full Text]

A Financial Economic Theory of Punitive Damages, 111 Michigan Law Review 33 (2012). [Full Text]

The Law School Firm, 63 South Carolina Law Review 1 (2011) (with Bradley T. Borden). [Full Text]

On Legal Education and Reform: One View Formed from Diverse Perspectives, 70 Maryland Law Review 310 (2010). [Full Text]

Ethical Issues in Business and the Laywer's Role, 12 Transactions: The Tennessee Journal of Business Law 37 (2010) (with others). [Full Text]

A Production Theory of Pure Economic Loss, 104 Northwestern University Law Review 49 (2010). [Full Text]

Bonding Limited Liability, 51 William & Mary Law Review 1417 (2010). [Full Text]

The Madoff Scandal, Market Regulatory Failure, and the Business Education of Lawyers, 35 Journal of Corporation Law 363 (2010). [Full Text]

Fiduciary Exemption for Public Necessity: Shareholder Profit, Public Good, and the Hobsonís Choice during a National Crisis, 17 George Mason Law Review 661 (2010). [Full Text]

The Decline of Investment Banking: Preliminary Thoughts on the Evolution of the Industry 1996-2008, 5 Journal of Business & Technology Law 75 (2010). [Full Text]

Toward Procedural Optionality: Private Ordering of Public Adjudication, 84 New York University Law Review 514 (2009). [Full Text]

Corporate Ethics, Agency, and the Theory of the Firm, 3 Journal of Business and Technology Law 309 (2008). [Full Text]

Insurance for Acts of Terrorism, in 32 Appleman on Insurance 2d 363 (2008). [Full Text]

Tort Arbitrage, 60 Florida Law Review 125 (2008). [Full Text]

Probability, Policy and the Problem of Reference Class, 11 International Journal of Evidence & Proof 286 (2007). [Full Text]

The Socratic Method and the Mathematical Heuristic of George Polya, 81 St. John's Law Review 881 (2007). [Full Text]

The Effect of Risk on Legal Valuation, 78 University of Colorado Law Review 193 (2007). [Full Text]

A Price Theory of Legal Bargaining: An Inquiry into the Selection of Settlement and Litigation under Uncertainty, 56 Emory Law Journal 619 (2006). [Full Text]

Catastrophic Risks and Governance after Hurricane Katrina: A Postscript to Terrorism Risk in a Post-9/11 Economy, 38 Arizona State Law Journal 581 (2006). [Full Text]

Terrorism Risk in a Post-9/11 Economy: The Convergence of Capital Markets, Insurance and Government Action, 37 Arizona State Law Journal 435 (2005). [Full Text]

A Principled Solution for Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress Claims, 36 Arizona State Law Journal 805 (2004). [Full Text]

The Application of Finance Theory to Increased Risk Harm in Toxic Tort Litigation, 23 Virginia Environmental Law Journal 111 (2004). [Full Text]

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