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AB, 1978, Dartmouth College
MA and PhD, 1986 and 1988, Yale University
JD, 1981, Columbia University Law School

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Professor Graber has held a faculty position in the Department of Government and Politics at the University of Maryland, College Park since 1993 and has taught at the University of Maryland School of Law as an adjunct professor since the fall of 2002. He has held a joint appointment at the law school as professor of Government and Law since 2004, and served as associate dean for research and faculty development from 2010 to 2013. He has also been one of the organizers of the annual Constitutional Law "Schmooze", which attracts scholars from across the country to the law school.

Professor Graber is recognized as one of the leading scholars in the country on constitutional law and politics. He is the author of A New Introduction to American Constitutionalism, forthcoming in 2013 from Oxford University Press, and co-editor (with Keith Whittington and Howard Gillman) of American Constitutionalism: Structures and Powers and American Constitutionalism: Rights and Powers, both also from Oxford University Press. He is presently working on Forged in Failure, a book that will examine how much constitutional change in the United States has been caused by the failure of constitutional practices to function as expected.

Professor Graber is also the author of scores of articles, including "The Non-Majoritarian Problem: Legislative Deference to the Judiciary" in Studies in American Political Development, "Naked Land Transfers and American Constitutional Development", published in the Vanderbilt Law Review and "Resolving Political Questions into Judicial Questions: Tocqueville’s Aphorism Revisited", published by Constitutional Commentary.

He will be a visiting faculty member at the University of Virginia School of Law during fall 2013.


A New Introduction to American Constitutionalism (2013). [Abstract]

American Constitutionalism: Volume II, Rights and Liberties (2012) (with Howard Gillman & Keith E. Whittington). [Abstract]

American Constitutionalism: Volume I, Structures of Government (2012) (with Howard Gillman & Keith E. Whittington). [Abstract]

Dred Scott and the Problem of Constitutional Evil (2006). [Abstract]

Marbury versus Madison: Documents and Commentary (2002) (with Michael Perhac). [Abstract]

Rethinking Abortion: Equal Choice, the Constitution, and Reproductive Politics (1996). [Abstract]

Transforming Free Speech: The Ambiguous Legacy of Civil Libertarianism (1991). [Abstract]

Book Chapters

Constitutional Law and American Politics, in The Oxford Handbook of Law and Politics (Keith E. Whittington et al. eds., 2010). [Full Text]

John Brown, Abraham Lincoln, Dred Scott and the Problem of Constitutional Evil, in The Dred Scott Case: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Race and Law 49 (David Thomas Konig et al. eds., 2010).

Foreword: The Banality of Constitutional Evil, in Earl Maltz, The Constitution and Slavery (2009).

Legal, Strategic, or Legal Strategy: Deciding to Decide During the Civil War and Reconstruction, in The Supreme Court and American Political Development, (Ronald Kahn & Ken Kersch, eds. 2006). [Full Text]

The Right to Vote and Other ‘Anomalies:’ Protecting and Expanding Civil Liberties in Wartime, in At War with Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (John Stack & Thomas Baker, eds. 2006).

From Republic to Democracy : The Judiciary and the Political Process, in The Judicial Branch (Kermit Hall & Kevin McGuire, eds. 2005).

Settling the West: The Annexation of Texas, the Louisiana Purchase and Bush v. Gore, in The Louisiana Purchase and American Expansion 1803-1898 (Sanford Levinson & Bartholomew H. Sparrow eds., 2005).

Bush v. Gore and the annexation of Texas, in The Louisiana Purchase and American Expansion (Bartholomew Sparrow & Sanford Levinson, eds. 2005).

Counterstories: Protecting and Expanding Civil Liberties in Times of War, in The Constitution in Wartime: Beyond Alarmism and Complacency (Mark Tushnet, ed. 2005). [Full Text]

Justice Thomas and the Perils of Amateur History, in Rehnquist Justice: Understanding the Court Dynamic (Earl Maltz, ed. 2003).

The Law and Politics of Judicial Review, in Separation of Powers: Documents and Commentary (Katy Harriger, ed. 2003).


The Declaration of Independence as Cannon Fodder, 49 Tulsa Law Review 469 (2014) (book review). [Full Text]

Belling the Partisan Cats: Preliminary Thoughts on Identifying and Mending a Dysfunctional Constitutional Order, 94 Boston University Law Review 611 (2014). [Full Text]

Beard and Uber-Beard, 29 Constitutional Commentary 293 (2014).

Executive Power: From the Constitutional Periphery to the Constitutional Core, 73 Maryland Law Review 1 (2013).

The Coming Constitutional Yo-Yo?: Elite Opinion, Polarization, and the Direction of Judicial Decision Making, 56 Howard Law Journal 661 (2013). [Full Text]

Redeeming and Living with Evil, 71 Maryland Law Review 1073 (2012). [Full Text]

Subtraction by Addition? The Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments, 112 Columbia Law Review 1501 (2012). [Full Text]

Constitutional Democracy, Human Dignity, and Entrenched Evil, 38 Pepperdine Law Review 889 (2011). [Full Text]

Hollow Hopes and Exaggerated Fears: The Canon/Anticanon in Context, 125 Harvard Law Review Forum 33 (2011) [Full Text]

Introduction to Law's Allure Symposium: Law and Politics—An Old Distinction, New Problems, 35 Law & Social Inquiry 1025 (2010) [Full Text]

Book Review: Selection Biases, 45 Tulsa Law Review 575 (2010) (with Sanford Levinson). [Full Text]

Constitutional Fits, 41 Journal of Social Philosophy 194 (2010).

A Tale Told by a President, 28 Yale Law & Policy Review: Inter Alia 13 (2010). [Full Text]

Running Cars, Constitutions and Metaphors into the Ground, 18 The Good Society 35 (2009). [Full Text]

Foreword: Our Paradoxical Religion Clauses, 69 Maryland Law Review 8 (2009). [Full Text]

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The Price of Fame: Brown as Celebrity, 69 Ohio State Law Journal 939 (2008). [Full Text]

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False Modesty: Felix Frankfurter and the Tradition of Judicial Restraint, 47 Washburn Law Journal 23 (2007) [Full Text]

Foreword: From the Countermajoritarian Difficulty to Juristocracy and the Political Construction of Judicial Power, 65 Maryland Law Review 1 (2006).

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Does it Really Matter? Conservative Courts in a Conservative Era, 75 Fordham Law Review 675 (2006). [Full Text]

Popular Constitutionalism, Judicial Supremacy, and the Complete Lincoln-Douglas Debates, 81 Chicago-Kent Law Review 923 (2006). [Full Text]

Constitutionalism and Political Science: Imaginative Scholarship, Unimaginative Teaching, 3 Perspectives on Politics 135 (2005). [Full Text]

Dred Scott as a Centrist Decision, 83 North Carolina Law Review 1229 (2005).

The Jacksonian Makings of the Taney Court (2005). [Full Text]

Lost and Not Yet Found: The New First Amendment, 14 The Good Society 19 (2005).

Ancients, Moderns, and Guns, 12 William & Mary Bill of Rights Law Review 307 (2004). [Full Text]

Resolving Political Questions into Judicial Questions: Tocqueville's Thesis Revisited (2004). [Full Text]

Establishing Judicial Review: Marbury v. The Judiciary Act of 1789, 38 Tulsa Law Review 609 (2003).

Social Democracy and Constitutional Theory: An Institutional Perspective, 69 Fordham Law Review 1969 (2001). [Full Text]

Thick and Thin: Interdisciplinary Conversations on Populism, Law, Political Science, And Constitutional Change, 90 Georgetown Law Journal 233 (2001). [Full Text]

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Law and Sports Officiating: A Misunderstood and Justly Neglected Relationship, 16 Constitutional Commentary 293 (1999). [Full Text]

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Desperately Ducking Slavery: Dred Scott and Contemporary Constitutional Theory, 14 Constitutional Commentary 271 (1997). [Full Text]

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Old Wine in New Bottles: The Constitutional Status of Unconstitutional Speech, 48 Vanderbilt Law Review 349 (1995). [Full Text]

The Passive-Aggressive Virtues: Cohen v. Virginia and the Problematic Establishment of Judicial Power, 12 Constitutional Commentary 67 (1995). [Full Text]

Judicial Recantation, 45 Syracuse Law Review 807 (1994). [Full Text]

A Constitutional Conspiracy Unmasked: Why "No State" Does Not Mean "No State", 10 Constitutional Commentary 87 (1993). [Full Text]

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Mark Graber of the UM Carey School of Law was quoted in the Baltimore Sun article "As deadline approaches, Howard referendum case embroiled in new controversy."

June 25, 2014

Mark Graber of the UM Carey School of Law was quoted in the Law360.com article, "Lawyers React To Supreme Court's Cellphone Search Ruling."

May 6, 2014

Mark Graber of the UM Carey School of Law was quoted in the articles "A 'frustrating, disingenuous' Supreme Court ruling" and "Supreme Court decision allows Carroll Co. commissioners to pray," in the Baltimore Sun.

April 29, 2014

Mark Graber of the UM Carey School of Law was interviewed for the segment, "Supreme Court Hears Cases on Searching," that aired on WBFF-TV.

April 15, 2014

Mark Graber of the UM Carey School of Law was interviewed on the Maryland Morning program, "The Role Of Religion In The Public Square," that aired on WYPR.

April 7, 2014

Mark Graber of the UM Carey School of Law was quoted in the article, "The Real Loser in House of Cards vs. House of Delegates Dispute," on foxbusiness.com.

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