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David Bogen

T. Carroll Brown Scholar and Professor Emeritus of Law

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Office: 445

BA, 1962, LLB 1965, Harvard University
LLM, 1967, New York University

Biography | Selected Publications

Mr. Bogen became professor emeritus of law in 2006. His research interests are in constitutional law and legal history. He is currently working on materials for a Law and Indigenous Peoples course, and articles investigating litigation on racial discrimination aboard steamboats in the Chesapeake in the nineteenth century, and the use of essay computer exercises to teach law.

Mr. Bogen has been on the faculty at Maryland since 1969. He has been the T. Carroll Brown Scholar since 1993 and is the author of PRIVILEGES AND IMMUNITIES (Praeger Publishers, 2003) and other works. From 1992-94 and again in 1997-99 he served as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Mr. Bogen has been a visiting professor at California Western Law School and the University of Denver School of Law, the Harold Gill Reuschlein Visiting Professor at Villanova University Law School, a Parsons Research Fellow at the University of Sydney, a Visiting Scholar in New Zealand in residence at the Faculty of Law of Victoria University and the University of Otago, and a visiting scholar in Australia in residence at the Faculties of Law of Southern Cross University, the University of Adelaide, the University of New South Wales, Queensland University of Technology, and Murdoch University.


Privileges and Immunities: A Reference Guide to the United States Constitution (2003) [Abstract]

Bulwark of Liberty: The Court and the First Amendment (1984). [Abstract]

Book Chapters

Freedom of Speech in the United States Supreme Court, in Concepts of Freedom: 1776-1976, at 78 (Hans-Joachim Zimmerman ed., 1977).

Legal Developments in Public Sector Bargaining in Maryland, in Challenges in Public Sector Labor Relations 65 (Paul Weinstein ed., 1975).


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Rebuilding the Slaughter-House: the Cases' Support for Civil Rights, 42 Akron Law Review 1129 (2009). [Full Text]

Indigenous Peoples and the Law - Ancient Customs: Modern Dilemmas, The Verdict (Queensland Law Society), 2009, vol. 1, at 43. [Full Text]

Culture, Religion, and Indigenous People, 69 Maryland Law Review 48 (2009) (with Leslie F. Goldstein). [Full Text]

Mr. Justice Miller’s Clause: The Privileges or Immunities of Citizens of the United States Internationally, 56 Drake Law Review 1051 (2008). [Full Text]

Why the Supreme Court Lied in Plessy, 52 Villanova Law Review 101 (2007). [Full Text]

The Market Participant Doctrine and the Clear Statement Rule, 29 Seattle University Law Review 543 (2005). [Full Text]

Slaughter-House Five: Views of the Case, 55 Hastings Law Journal 333 (2004). [Full Text]

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The Transformation of the Fourteenth Amendment: Reflections from the Admission of Maryland's First Black Attorneys, 44 Maryland Law Review 939 (1986). [Full Text]

The Scandal of Smith and Buchanan: The Skeletons in the McCulloch vs. Maryland Closet, 9 Maryland Law Forum 125 (1985).

The Origins of Freedom of Speech and Press, 42 Maryland Law Review 429 (1983). [Full Text]

The Free Speech Metamorphosis of Mr. Justice Holmes, 11 Hofstra Law Review 97 (1982), reprinted in 15 United States Constitutional and Legal History: Civil Liberties in American History (Kermit Hall ed., 1987), and in 2 The Supreme Court in American Society (Kermit Hall, ed. 2000). [Full Text]

A Look at Labor Law in the Land Down Under: Industrial Relations in Australia, 41 Maryland Law Review 101 (1981). [Full Text]

Usery Limits on National Interest, 22 Arizona Law Review 753 (1980). [Full Text]

Standing Up for Flast: Taxpayer and Citizen Standing to Raise Constitutional Issues, 67 Kentucky Law Journal 147 (1979). [Full Text]

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The Use of Racial Statistics in Fair Housing Cases, 34 Maryland Law Review 59 (1974) (with Richard Falcon). [Full Text]

The Hunting of the Shark: An Inquiry into the Limits of Congressional Power Under the Commerce Clause, 8 Wake Forest Law Review 187 (1972). [Full Text]

Evans v. Abney: Reverting to Segregation, 30 Maryland Law Review 226 (1970). [Full Text]

Human Rights in the United States: Two Decades' Development, 41 Revue Internationale de Droit Pénal 641 (1970). [Full Text]

The Law of Humanitarian Intervention: U.S. Policy in Cuba (1898) and in the Dominican Republic (1965), 7 Harvard International Law Journal 296 (1966). [Full Text]

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