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Alumni Honors Banquet

December 11, 2013


The University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law 

proudly presents 

A celebration of 
Alumni Honors Banquet 


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Dean Phoebe A. Haddon and the Alumni Board cordially invite you to celebrate graduates whose leadership and vision are shaping law, government, business, and society.


Award Recipients:

Mr. Charles O. Monk II ’74 | Partner, Saul Ewing LLP 

Charles Monk is a partner in Saul Ewing’s Commercial Litigation Practice and is managing partner of its Baltimore, Maryland office. He concentrates his practice in significant litigation matters including business disputes, intellectual property, insolvency, antitrust and securities litigation. He regularly represents securities and financial services businesses.

Before joining Saul Ewing, Mr. Monk served for five years as Deputy Attorney General of Maryland. In that capacity, he supervised all enforcement actions in the Attorney General’s Office, including the State prosecutions arising from the 1985 Maryland Savings and Loan crisis. Mr. Monk was Chief of the Antitrust Division of the Attorney General’s Office for five years before being appointed Deputy Attorney General.
He is a recipient of the Daily Record’s Leadership in Law Award and has been named one of America’s leading lawyers in litigation by Chambers USA since 2005. He is a member of the Antitrust, Business Law and Litigation Sections of the American Bar Association, a member of the Energy Bar Association, and is a fellow of the Maryland Bar Foundation and the American Bar Foundation. He served as a member of UM Carey Law’s Board of Visitors from 1995-1996, and was chair of the Greater Baltimore Committee from 2009-2012.

Ms. Elizabeth S. Baker ’73 | Partner, Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP

Elizabeth Baker is a Florida Board Certified Marital and Family Lawyer who focuses her practice in family and domestic litigation at the trial and appellate levels. She is a proud 1973 graduate of the UM Carey School of Law.
Ms. Baker has tried complex equitable distribution cases, some of which divided family businesses and other marital assets, including a $10 million lottery. She has handled numerous custody trials, including international custody cases, and has prosecuted and defended countless domestic violence cases. She has also lectured extensively on family law topics, including domestic violence, children’s rights, and family and juvenile law.
Ms. Baker has dedicated years of her life to advancing domestic violence awareness and prevention. She is a co-founder and former president of Safe Space Foundation, which provides support to the certified shelters for battered women and their children in Miami Dade County, Florida.
Senator Bill Ferguson ’10 | Maryland State Senator
A lifelong Maryland resident, Bill Ferguson made Baltimore City his home when he joined Teach for America after graduating from Davidson College with a double major in political science and economics. From 2005 to 2007, he taught U.S. history and U.S. government to ninth and tenth graders in a breakout academy of one of Baltimore’s most challenged high schools.
The inequities of the public education system in Baltimore City led Sen. Ferguson to engage more deeply within the community outside of the schoolhouse. After teaching, he earned his law degree and served as a Community Liaison for the Baltimore City Council President’s Office and as the Special Assistant to Dr. Andres Alonso, CEO of the Baltimore City Public Schools. Through these pursuits, Senator Ferguson continually drew from his classroom experiences to find ways to bring new resources and greater attention to the city’s educational achievement gap.
Senator Ferguson is married to fellow Teach For America alum Lea Ferguson. They live in Canton with their two dogs, and their son Caleb.

Schedule of Events:

5:30 p.m. Cocktails
6:15 p.m. A Conversation with the
Honorable Robert M. Bell (ret.) 
6:45 p.m. Dinner
7:15 p.m. Alumni Honors


This program has been generously supported by:

and Herbert S. Garten '56
Past Award Winners:
Distinguished Graduate Awards   Benjamin L. Cardin
Public Service Award
1970 The Hon. Emory H. Niles ’52   1990 Benjamin L. Cardin ’67

William D. MacMillan, Sr. ’18
The Hon. John B. Gray ’17



Nevett Steele, Jr. ’67

1972 The Hon. Simon E. Sobeloff ’15   1992 Susan P. Leviton ’72
1973 Roger Howell ’17   1993 The Hon. William O. Carr ’73
1974 Edward F. Johnson ’14   1994 Herbert S. Garten ’51
1975 The Hon. Hall Hammond ’25   1995 The Hon. Albert J. Matricciani, Jr. ’73
1976 Clarence W. Miles '20   1996 Richard O. Berndt ’67
1977 The Hon. Joseph Sherbow ’22   1997 The Hon. Robert B. Watts ’49
1978 Rignal W. Baldwin '27   1998 Rachel A. Wohl ’88
1979 R. Dorsey Watkins ’25   1999 Herbert J. Belgrad ’61

The Hon. Benjamin R. Civiletti ’61
The Hon. Roszel C. Thomsen ’22



Stephen J. Nolan ’76


The Hon. Bernard S. Meyer ’38



John H. Lewin, Jr. ’65

1982 The Hon. J. Dudley Digges ’36   2002 Andrew D. Levy ’81
1983 The Hon. Charles M. Mathias, Jr. ’49   2003 The Hon. Marcella A. Holland ’83
1984 The Hon. Marvin H. Smith ’41   2004 Dorothy J. Lennig ’87
1985 Joseph Meyerhoff ’20   2005 Elizabeth L. Julian ’78
1986 The Hon. Harry A. Cole ’49   2006 Patricia L. Gatling ’82
1987 The Hon. Robert C. Murphy ’51   2007 The Hon. Lawrence F. Rodowsky ’56
1988 The Hon. Louis L. Goldstein ’38   2008 The Hon. Andre M. Davis ’78
1989 The Hon. W. Albert Menchine ’29   2010 The Hon. Joseph F. Murphy, Jr. ’69
1990 James W. Rouse ’37   2011 Monique L. Dixon ’96
1991 William S. James ’37   2012 Beth Pepper ’83
1992 Jeanette Rosner Wolman ’24      
1993 J. Michael McWilliams ’67   Star Award
1994 The Hon. Barbara Kerr Howe ’69   2002 Lena K. Lee ’51
1995 LeRoy E. Hoffberger ’50   2003 Ernest C. Trimble ’48
1996 Mathias J. DeVito ’56   2004 The Hon. Elsbeth L. Bothe ’52
1997 Alvin “Buzzy” Krongard ’75   2006 Col. Edwin J. Wolf ’27
1998 The Hon. Lynne A. Battaglia ’74   2008 Bernard Manekin ’36
1999 The Hon. Alan M. Wilner ’62   2010 Mary Katherine Scheeler ’53
2000 The Hon. George L. Russell, Jr. ’54   2012 Lois K. Macht ’56
2001 Wilbur D. “Woody” Preston, Jr. ’49      
2002 Raymond G. LaPlaca ’83   Rising Star Award
2003 The Hon. Ellen M. Heller ’77   2007 Marnell A. Cooper ’02
2004 The Hon. Charles E. Moylan, Jr. ’55   2009 Juliet K. Choi ’03

Samuel Hopkins ’38
Henry Hopkins ’68



Mark Paul Lehman ’01

2006 Joanne Pollak ’76   2012 Michael W. Siri ’01
2007 Francis B. Burch, Jr. ’74      
2008 The Hon. Elijah E. Cummings ’76      
2009 Joseph R. Hardiman ’62      
2010 Paul D. Bekman, Esq. ’71      
2011 The Hon. Martin O’Malley ’88      
2012 The Hon. Joseph D.Tydings ’53      


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