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Media Services Event Checklist

Contact the Media Services Department to discuss your AV needs and reserve services.  The events calendar at the School of Law is increasingly hectic; plan your event early to ensure support. The following checklist will help you plan your event.

  • If your event will require audio-visual assistance (for example, the set up of microphones or cameras), you must reserve time prior to the start of the event to allow Media Services to set up the equipment. For small events (no more than two microphones), Media Services requires at least 30 minutes; for more complicated events (involving videorecording or Webcasting), please reserve the room for at least an hour beforehand.
  • If you plan to hold an event on a Saturday, Sunday or school holiday, please contact the Media Services at least a month in advance to determine whether technicians are available.

Sound Needs and Set Up

  • Estimate the number of microphones you would prefer to have and where they should be placed. Will you have a panel of speakers? Do you want the microphones to be wired or wireless? Will any speakers use a lectern?
  • Determine whether you will want a microphone for audience questions. Microphones for participants may be at a fixed location or wireless. If you are using a wireless microphone, it is your responsibility to assign someone to carry the microphone to audience members for questions.
  • If you are inviting news organizations, or believe that they will be present at your event, you must notify Media Services in advance so that they may provide an audio feed. 

Speakers and Presentations

  • Assign a primary contact for your speakers. This contact should determine the particular technology needs of each speaker and be available to answer speakers' questions on behalf of Media Services.
  • Do your speakers plan to use Powerpoint? Media Services recommends organizing and saving PowerPoint and other computer files to the law school network in advance. If your speakers plan to bring files to the law school, have them bring the presentations on a USB. Please note that the law school does not supply USB drives or zip disks.
  • Do your speakers plan to use the Web?
  • Do your speakers plan to work from a laptop?
  • Will any computer presentations have sound? Include video? Will any speakers play an audiotape? Videotape? DVD? CD? Let Media Services know about sound and video requirements at least one week in advance to determine whether it may be supported.
  • Determine whether your speakers will need document cameras, slide projectors, overhead projectors, easels, dry-erase boards or any other specialized equipment. Requests for specialized equipment should be made in advance at least one week of the event to determine whether the equipment is available.

Broadcasting, Webcasting and Videoconferencing

  • Any requests for broadcasting, webcasting or videoconferencing should be made at least one week in advance to determine availability of resources.
  • If you believe that participation may exceed the capacity of your primary location, you should consider having the event broadcasted to additional rooms. Additional rooms must be reserved in advance, and media services must be notified at least 24 hours in advance of any plans to broadcast.
  • Webcasting is also available at the law school. All Webcasts must be planned at least one week in advance of the event and advertised. Events will not be live-streamed or recorded unless all speakers give their permission for the Webcast in advance.  Download the speaker release form.
  • Videoconferencing can allow remote participation in your conference or event. To arrange a videoconference, contact Media Services at least one week in advance and provide them with a technical contact for the remote location at that time. The availability of videoconferencing depends on the availability of Media Services technicians, the compatibility of the technology in the remote location, as well as in the technology in the reserved of law school space.  Videoconferencing technology in both locations should be tested prior to the event.

Recording and Duplication

  • If you would like to have your event recorded, you must make sure that all speakers give their permission and sign recording release forms in advance.  Download the speaker release form.
  • Determine the format in which you would like your event recorded. You have a choice of DVD or Web file. Determining the format in advance helps Media Services to quickly provide you with a copy of the recording.

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