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Legal Profession (3 OR 2)

Legal Profession examines the activities and responsibilities of the lawyer and the lawyer’s relationship with clients, the legal profession, the courts, and the public. The course treats the lawyer’s fiduciary duty to clients, the provision of adequate legal services, and the reconciliation of the lawyer’s obligation to clients, in and out of court, with the demands of the proper administration of justice and the public interest. The course, therefore, provides essential preparation for the practice of law. At the discretion of the Associate Dean, this course may be offered for either two or three credits.

Students may not take Legal Profession and either Legal Profession Seminar or Professional Responsibility and Practice: The Rules and Reality

Prof. Krantz’ Section:

This course will assess: 1) the current state of the legal profession and needed areas of reform; and 2) on how and why lawyers get into trouble. Initial classes will focus on issues such as the impact of the recession on the profession; new trends in practice; and the failure of the profession to confront the access to justice crisis. Attention will then turn to the ethical dilemmas lawyers face. During this segment of the course, students will learn through simulation and role play how ethical issues arise and how they are addressed. Simulations may include:
An internal law firm investigation of alleged associate and partner billing abuses;

  • A criminal investigation of alleged in-house counsel complicity in her company’s fraudulent misconduct;
  • An ineffective assistance of counsel judicial challenge based upon alleged failures in the representation of a pro bono client;
  • A Bar Counsel disciplinary hearing relating to allegations that a lawyer engaged in the unauthorized practice of law by providing services in jurisdictions where he was not licensed to practice; and
  • A Department of Justice internal investigation of allegations relating to the failure of prosecutors to produce exculpatory evidence in a criminal trial.

In each of these and other simulations, students will learn about how the pressures in practice create ethical and values dilemmas and how ethical rules of professional conduct and other forms of regulation are utilized (or fail) to address alleged lawyer misconduct.

A limited number of students in Prof. Krantz’ section will have the option of receiving 2-3 additional Practicum credits through externship opportunities with agencies that have ethical oversight responsibilities.

Current & Previous Instructors:
Douglas Colbert; Robert Condlin; Abraham Dash; Lawrence Fletcher-Hill; Sheldon Krantz; Kami Chavis Simmons; Gerard Vetter;

558D (CRN: 25992)       Credits: 3
    Spring, 2014 (Day).
    Tues: 1:05-3:05, Rm 460  Thurs: 1:05-2:00, Rm 108.
558H (CRN: 25911)       Credits: 3
    Spring, 2014 (Evening).
    Wed: 6:30-9:35  
    Room 460.
    Booklist (Updated 1/6/2014).    
558D (CRN: 26408)       Credits: 2
    Spring, 2014 (Day).
    Thurs: 9:50-11:50  
    Room 202.
558H (CRN: 61154)       Credits: 3
    Summer, 2014 (Evening).
    Mon, Wed: 6:00-9:00  
    Room 460.
    .60 openings. (Limit 60). See course waitlist.
558H (CRN: 97105)       Credits: 3
    Fall, 2014 (Evening).
    Tues: 6:30-9:30  
    Room 460.
    .65 openings. (Limit 65). See course waitlist.
558D (CRN: )       Credits: 3
    Spring, 2015 (Day).
    Tues, Wed, Thurs: 2:10-3:05  
    Room 460.
558D (CRN: )       Credits: 2
    Spring, 2015 (Twilight).
    Wed: 5:25-7:25  
    Room 108.

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