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International and Comparative Law Clinic (11)

The International and Comparative Law Clinic will be offered in the spring semester, 2012, for 11 credits. Students also may register for Independent Written Work for either one or two credits; with instructor approval that writing may be used to satisfy the Advanced Writing Requirement. Thus, students may earn a total of 13 credits.

Although this is an “instructor approval” course, students who wish to take this Clinic must submit the Clinic/LTP/Cardin Preference Form according to the normal schedule. Proficiency in a foreign language, see below, is required in the Mexico component of the Clinic. This Clinic satisfies the law school’s Cardin requirement. Students who have taken International Law and/or Comparative Public Policy and Law Reform prior to taking the Clinic will receive an admission preference for the Clinic. Once a student is accepted for and enrolls in the Clinic, a student may drop the course after July 1 only with the permission of the Clinic professors and only for extraordinary cause.

Students will spend a substantial part of the semester in Mexico or Namibia working under faculty supervision in a placement with a local partner of the law school. All students will spend the first part of the Clinic at the law school in an intensive classroom component of the Clinic. The students will travel to and work in their placements during the semester. They will return for at least the last week of the semester, during which they will make a presentation based on their legal work and experiences. The paper will be due by the end of the exam period.

The following are the planned placements and related legal work for spring, 2012:

Mexico: In Mexico, the Clinic is working in partnership with Centro de los Derechos del Migrante, an international program that represents migrant workers. Rachel Micah-Jones, is the executive director of CDM and an Adjunct Professor at the law school. She and Professor Weiss will be primarily responsible for this component of the Clinic. In Mexico, the students are helping to introduce workers to the legal issues they will confront in the U.S. and are working on transnational litigation and law reform projects. In the process, they are applying bodies of U.S., Mexican, and international law. Again, fluency in Spanish is required.

Namibia: In Namibia, the Clinic is working with several local partners, including the University of Namibia’s Faculty of Law and the Legal assistance Centre. Professor Barbara Olshansky is primarily responsible for this component. She and the law students are working on a variety of projects in Namibia. These litigation and non-litigation transactional projects are on behalf of women who were sterilized without their consent; a group of entrepreneurs, including women artists, who wish to form small businesses and get their products to regional and international markets; the many Namibians who cannot obtain clean water and thus suffer from a series of related health problems; and the many Namibians who cannot obtain the legal help that they need. New Perimeter, DLA Piper’s international pro bono program, is a partner in some of these projects.

In both placements, the Clinic is exploring public interest, social justice, and professional responsibility issues that arise in international practice.

Selection Process:

Application Form: Due March 25th. Submit it online with a copy of your resume to Professor Millemann at Ask Janice Dixon or LuAnn Marshall in the Registration and Enrollment Office to provide your grade report as well.* Note: Your grade point average will NOT be a major factor in making the selection decision. If you would prefer to hand-deliver your application, resume, and grade report to Professor Millemann, do so by delivering a copy to him in Room 338.

Interviews: You will be interviewed by Professor Millemann (Namibia applicants) or Professors Micah-Jones and Weiss (Mexico applicants). In addition, for Namibia applicants, Professor Olshansky may conduct an additional interview by Skype. (She is in Namibia). Interviews with be conducted March 28th. Professor Millemann will interview students choosing Namibia as their first choice; Professors Micah-Jones and Weiss will interview students choosing Mexico as their first choice. By March 24th, there will be sign-up sheets on the office doors of Professors Millemann and Weiss.

Selection decisions: By March 31st.

Cardin preferences: If you are selected, submit your Cardin Preference form to the Office of Registration and Enrollment listing the ICLC as your first choice by April ___.

Expenses: The law school currently is seeking funding to reimburse students for costs incurred in traveling to and from the country in which they will be working and for housing in that country. At this point, however, students should assume that they will be responsible for some or for a substantial part of those costs.

Current Instructors: Rachel Micah-Jones; Michael Millemann; Barbara Olshansky; and Marley Weiss.


* Do this as follows: Go to law school website, then go to current students, then registration and records (on left), then forms, then student request form (Class rank/Good Standing request). Check “unofficial transcript (grade report).” Write after “Indicate below the manner in which you wish to receive the requested item(s),” Provide to Professor Millemann. Sign your name. Submit it to LuAnn Marshall or Janice Dixon in the Office of Registration and Enrollment in person, by email (after you sign it and scan it), or by fax (410-706-2103). They will provide the report to Professor Millemann.

Current & Previous Instructors:

This course is not currently scheduled.
Last offered Spring 2012.

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