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General Practice Clinic: Just Advice (4, 6)

The General Practice Clinic: JustAdvice provides clients with legal advice and limited representation. In 2014-15, students will be taught and supervised by Professors Millemann and Maddox and other experienced Maryland attorneys. This clinic satisfies the Cardin requirement.

Since its creation in 2009, JustAdvice has helped over 3,000 Maryland residents to understand and exercise their legal rights in a broad range of legal matters, including landlord/tenant and fair housing, wills and advanced directives, criminal expungement, foreclosure, tax sales/controversies, family law, employment, business formation, contracts and consumer matters.

JustAdvice is organized as a mobile public interest law firm, and students, working in teams, are responsible for the firm’s operations, e.g., marketing, technology, delivery of services, financial accounting, evaluation of services, etc.

In addition to learning the basics of law firm operations, in the practice component, students conduct diagnostic interviews and brief experienced lawyers on the facts; develop a plan of action for the client with the lawyer; decide with the lawyer what advice to give; observe and participate in the advice; make referrals to private lawyers; and, in limited circumstances, help clients to prepare documents. Through this process, students help to develop a plan of action for the client, advise the client about how to implement it, and produce essential documents the client needs. All but the last service generally occur in a single client session. The sessions are regularly held at the District Court of Maryland (Baltimore Civil Court), Lexington Market, the Center for Urban Families, and other community-based locations in Baltimore City.

JustAdvice now is also providing legal advice online through advanced technology, i.e., via “live chat,” and students use advanced technology throughout the practice component, e.g., they use iPad’s to wirelessly print directly on site, laptops for document preparation, and scanners to immediately upload required documents (with all information stored electronically in a legal time management system). In addition, the clinic conducts outreach both through traditional mailing/physical distribution of flyers and through social media platforms, including traditional websites, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YELP.

The classroom component will focus on substantive law; skills (interviewing, counseling, document preparation, uses of technology, and case planning); access to justice and delivery of legal services issues (e.g., through limited-scope or “unbundled” representation and other emerging forms of practice); and professional responsibility issues.

A major focus of the course will be to evaluate limited representation, including in its electronic forms, and to use what we learn to design new approaches and to inform the national debate about these forms of representation.

Through the classroom and practice components, students will be introduced to the major skills they will need to practice successfully in any form of practice.

Current & Previous Instructors:
A.J. Bellido de Luna; Michael Millemann;

This course is not currently scheduled.
Last offered Spring 2015.

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