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Examination Policies and Procedures

Examinations are held at the end of the course in all subjects except seminars, certain skills courses, and certain courses requiring substantial written work. Unexcused absences from examinations will result in a grade of F (0.00) being entered. Students should not discuss exam rescheduling with their professors; doing so may breach exam anonymity. The right to take the examination in any course is conditioned upon compliance with the Class Attendance Policy.

Illness or Emergency

Should an illness or emergency arise which prevents a student from taking an exam, the student must contact the Office of Registration & Enrollment at (410) 706-2045. (Students should not send an email in lieu of calling; emails may not be read quickly enough to permit timely response.) Students must present a doctor’s note before being permitted to take an exam rescheduled due to illness.

Students who stop an exam early due to illness will be graded on their answers produced during the exam; there will be no grading accommodation due to a student’s decision to discontinue taking an exam as a result of illness. Because students will be graded on their answers produced during the exam, students who are ill are advised to request postponement of the exam prior to starting the exam.

Should an emergency arise during an exam the student must immediately contact staff in the Office of Registration & Enrollment.

Exam Rescheduling Rules

Do not discuss exam rescheduling with your instructor, and do not discuss the exam with anyone subsequent to the exam's regularly scheduled administration or at any time which would give any student taking the exam an unfair advantage; doing so may be an Honor Code violation.


  1. Exams may not be rescheduled at a time earlier than the original time and date.
  2. Appeal to health reasons as an excuse for rescheduling an examination, whether in advance or at the last moment, will be honored only upon receipt of a doctor's letter certifying the illness and the necessity of missing the scheduled examination.
  3. In general, the Office of Registration and Enrollment shall not recognize reasons other than health problems as excusing causes for missing a scheduled examination. If some serious and urgent problem arises, however, due consideration will be given. The presumption is that, except for health reasons, most requests received for rescheduling examinations will not be honored.
  4. Notices signifying approval or disapproval of requests will be emailed to students at your official law school email address.
  5. Unless a conflict would still occur with another examination, the rescheduled examination must be taken no later than the last day of the exam period.
  6. Students who do not take a regularly scheduled examination and are judged by the Director of Registration and Enrollment not to have had adequate reason to miss the examination will receive a grade of F.

Student Responsibilities for Exams

  1. Students are bound by the Honor Code of the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law.
  2. More specifically:
    1. A student is prohibited from engaging in action that invades or attempts to invade security maintained for the preparation and storage of examinations. If a student comes in contact with examination questions which are subject to examination security, the student must immediately inform the Director of Registration and Enrollment who will decide whether or not the student may take the examination questions under consideration.
    2. Only a student registered for a course or otherwise specifically authorized may take the examination given for the course for credit. No student or other person may take an examination in a course for another, nor may a student knowingly permit another person to take an examination for him or her in a course.
    3. A student may neither consult nor refer to any books, notebooks, outline, paper, notes, computer memory or electronically available resources of any kind during the examination period unless specifically authorized to do so by the professor giving the examination.
    4. A student may neither read (except for the cover sheet instructions) nor begin work until the person in charge of the examination has given permission to begin work.
    5. A student may neither give, receive, nor obtain any form of aid during an examination. The term “aid” means information or help of any nature not specifically permitted by the professor, from whatever source derived.
    6. A student who is taking or has taken an examination may not discuss that examination with anyone whom he or she knows is taking or will take, for example rescheduled exam takers, that examination. The student may not discuss any part of any examination with any student or with anyone else under circumstances in which he or she should know the discussion will likely endanger the security of questions which continue under examination security following the examination.
    7. A student may not engage in any conversation or communication about the examination during its administration except with the person administering the exam.
  3. It is the responsibility of each individual student to ensure that electronically submitted answers are submitted electronically in a timely fashion according to approved instructions. No student will be permitted to turn in any part of an examination after the examinations have ended. Grades will be based solely on materials submitted at the appropriate time, and no provision will be made for grading materials submitted after the announced time.

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