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Links to Helpful State Business and Technology Court Resources

Electronic Discovery Law A great blog for legal issues and news relating to electronic discovery and electronically stored information.

ABA Section of Business Law has published a brochure on Establishing Business Courts in Your State. The brochure contains a wealth of information for jurisdictions considering creating a business court. In addition, the section has a resource page for business court information.

National Center for State Courts Business Courts and Complex Litigation This website contains helpful information on business courts in different states, including articles and reports about state programs.

Commercial Courts: A Twenty First Century Necessity? Written by Alvin Stauber, Professor of Law, College of Business, Florida State University (2007).

A History of the Creation and Jurisdiction of Business Courts in the Last Decade This is a helpful article written in 2004 about state business courts.

Commercial Court Project at the University of Cincinnati, College of Law has compiled information on different states’ efforts to create specialized business or commercial courts.

JBTL State Business and Technology Case Database

Click the link below to search the JBTL State Business and Technology Case Database. This database, launched in August 2007, is updated weekly by student editors on the Journal. Every week, students choose and brief state court cases in different areas of business and technology law.

JBTL State Business and Technology Case Database

International Developments

The lower house of Indian Parliament recently passed a Bill that seeks to establish a "Commercial Division of High Courts." The Bill was introduced in response to the recommendations of the 188th Report of the Law Commission of India, and aims at the adjudication of big ticket commercial disputes in less than one year.

Arab News recently reported on the Saudi Arabian Supreme Judicial Council's decision to open commercial courts in major cities across the Kingdom. The decision is being welcomed by both legal and economic experts who recognize the boost to foreign investment that having a specialized business court will have on the Kingdom.

A New Commercial Court in Malaysia recently opened. The goals of the court are to reduce waiting periods for hearing dates and utilize digital fillings to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

The British Virgin Islands recently opened the Commercial Court for the Eastern Caribbean. The push for this court comes from the backdrop of increased litigation and liquidations arising out of the economic downturn and the unraveling of the Madoff scheme.

A recent article in the German Law Journal notes the emergence of business courts internationally. The article emphasizes that handling international business disputes can be big business, and that sophisticated parties use choice of law and choice of forum provisions to ensure that such cases are dealt with by courts that specialize in business transactions. Thus the development of business courts is good business for countries around the world.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada has a Commercial List, which the Canadian equivalent to a Business Court. The Commercial list was established in 1991, to hand complex commercial litigation.

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