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THE W. P. CAREY FOUNDATION’S magnificent $30 million gift was intended by the law school’s late benefactor, Wm. Polk Carey, to sustain our world class academic programs and superlative faculty. But with this gift came a challenge: Accelerate Maryland Carey Law’s forward momentum by inviting others to invest in its future. The Carey gift is enabling the law school to strengthen its programs. It is providing support for faculty. And it is bolstering the law school’s endowment.

It was Bill Carey’s vision, through this gift, to inspire alumni and friends to make their own gift commitments to support the law school’s pressing priorities—and his challenge to all lives on. “Doing good while doing well” was his motto, and our law school can accomplish great things if we rise to Bill’s challenge.

We hope that you will choose to support the Carey Challenge with an investment in Maryland Carey Law. We invite you to consider making a gift toward scholarships for incoming or current students; stipends for students taking public interest summer jobs; or loan repayment funding for graduating law students, judicial law clerks, and practicing alumni choosing to work in public interest law.

Please join with alumni and friends and participate in the Carey Challenge, as we endeavor to secure $15M in new gift commitments over the next three years. Together, we can prepare a generation of extraordinary lawyers and leaders who will shape the future.

An investment in Maryland Carey Law is an investment in the next generation of leaders… with a handsome return.

As we seek to secure new gifts to meet the $15 million Challenge, these supporters have generously participated in the Carey Challenge by pledging new major commitments of $25,000 or more since April 25, 2011:

  • Anonymous (2)
  • American Bankruptcy Institute
  • Megan Arthur and Patrick Madden
  • June Auerbach
  • Paul D. Bekman
  • Donna R. and Arnold Blaustein
  • Estate of Adelle M. Foreman
  • Estate of Elsbeth L. Bothe
  • Estate of Dorothy Campbell
  • Estate of Helen Seidman
  • Estate of William O. Goldstein
  • The Campbell Foundation
  • Charles Crane Family Foundation, Inc.
  • Howard and Deborah Chasanow
  • Harriet Cooperman
  • Andre Davis and Jessica Strauss
  • DLA Piper, LLP
  • Christine A. Edwards
  • Joel D. and Ellen S. Fedder
  • France Merrick Foundation, Inc.
  • Gallagher Evelius & Jones, LLP
  • Mark A. Graber and Dr. Julia Bess Frank
  • Erwin L. and Stephanie Cooper Greenberg
  • Joseph R. Hardiman
  • Joel Ansell Harmatz
  • Ellen M. Heller and Shale D. Stiller
  • Henry and Nancy Hopkins
  • Edward F. Houff
  • Yitai Hu
  • Institute of International Relations
  • John B. Isbister
  • Jackson Lewis, LLP
  • Howard K. Kurman
  • Mary Elizabeth Kurz
  • Vincent J. Leahy, Jr.
  • David M. Lynn
  • Law Office of Miguel Palmeiro, LLC
  • Linowes & Blocher, LLP
  • Marjorie Cook Foundation, Inc.
  • Maryland Legal Services Corporation
  • Miles & Stockbridge Foundation, Inc.
  • Elizabeth K. Moser
  • The Moser Family Philanthropic Fund
  • Norflet Progress Fund
  • Open Society Institute-Baltimore
  • Hamish S. & Christine C. Osborne
  • Dean Pappas
  • Eric Peltosalo
  • William and Helene Pittler
  • Public Welfare Foundation, Inc.
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Sage Policy Group, Inc.
  • Stuart and Suzanne Salsbury
  • Kerry D. Staton
  • Chuck and Kitty Tatelbaum
  • Donald and Leigh Tobin
  • Town Creek Foundation
  • TRACE International, Inc.
  • Marcus L. Wang
  • Arnold Weiner
  • W.P. Carey Foundation
  • Jeffrey Wyand and Roxanna Wolfe

For more information on how to participate in the Carey Challenge contact:

Heather Spurrier Culp, JD
Acting Executive Director of Development and Alumni Relations
University of Maryland
Francis King Carey School of Law
500 West Baltimore Street, Suite 260
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
Phone: 410.706.5773
Fax: 410.706.4045
hculp @

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