Student & Alumni Profiles

Student Stories: Virginia Giannini

Recently, Virginia, along with Immigration Clinic Staff Attorney Gabriela Kahrl, successfully represented a young man from El Salvador seeking asylum. Their victory was a profound moment for Virginia. She saw so much of herself in him (they were even the same age) but their immigration experiences couldn’t have been more different.

Virginia explains, “When people talk about coming the right way or waiting in line, they are ignoring the many arbitrary features of immigration law. What people don’t realize is that it’s like 90% luck that I had such an easy process, while someone else has to go through this harrowing process. This leaves us with the situation we have today where so many people are seeking safety and help but our immigration system is preventing many of them from seeking relief.”

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Recent Graduate: Barry Dalin '18

Dalin recognizes the special opportunity before him. “Every day I wake up and remind myself and push myself to provide our client with the highest quality representation possible because, at its core, that is our job as lawyers. We’re not going to be perfect because we’re humans, but we have to strive to be as close to perfect as possible, especially when someone might be facing some real serious consequences. For me, it drives me every day.” He continues, “If I’m tired, if I’m cranky, if I’m hungry, I’ve put in so many hours, and I don’t want to keep going, I think to myself ‘you just got to keep cranking through it.’”

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Alumni Profile: Linda Morris '17

Morris credits her clinical work at Maryland Carey Law with “allow[ing] me to better understand what an incredible honor it is to be a public interest lawyer.” She recounts, “One of my most valuable experiences at Maryland Carey Law was the opportunity to serve as a student attorney in the Appellate Advocacy and Law Reform clinic.  As a student attorney, I advocated on behalf of low-income clients through appellate impact litigation, and I was able to submit briefs and provide oral argument before the Maryland Court of Special Appeals.”  

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