Environmental Law

Environmental Law Track

The Environmental Law Program’s curriculum is one of the most extensive in the country, offering courses in a wide range of areas. In addition to taking a comprehensive Environmental Law survey course, students may choose from a variety of advanced courses and seminars to develop a deeper understanding of particular areas of interest. These classes are taught by outstanding permanent and adjunct faculty who are experts in the field including Professor Robert V. Percival who is the principal author of Environmental Regulation: Law, Science and Policy, the most widely used environmental law casebook and teaches, amongst other courses, an Environmental Law Seminar on Global Environmental Law.

Concentration in Environmental Law

Students can receive formal recognition for completion of the Environmental Law Program’s Concentration in Environmental Law. To be awarded this designation at graduation, you must earn a minimum of 17 credits through the program’s three basic components—classroom, experiential learning, and research and writing. The Environmental Law Certificate is approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission, and students completing the requirements are recognized as possessing a level of expertise and specialization in the field.

The classroom component includes a required core course, Environmental Law (3 credits), and the remaining 14 credits in some combination of environmental law seminars on a wide range of topics, an experiential environmental course (such as the Environmental Law Clinic or an environmental externship), an independent study in environmental law, and other selected courses.

To qualify for a certificate of Concentration in Environmental Law, students will be required to complete 17 credits related to environmental law. Students must complete each of the required components listed below: Classroom, Experiential Learning, and Research & Writing. Students who are graduating and meet the requirements must submit the Environmental Law Concentration Verification Form to Bill Piermattei, Managing Director (wpiermattei@law.umaryland.edu) in room 488.