Clinical Law Program
Curriculum & Clinic Life

Curriculum & Clinic Life

Day students complete their clinical requirement in either their second or third year. While enrolled in a clinical course, students are expected to commit a significant amount of time to their clinical work. Clinic courses can be semester (6 or 7 credits) or year-long (4 credits each semester), and students are required to work between 45 and 48 hours per credit hour in their clinical course.

Each student meets in a classroom forum with their clinical instructor once a week, where they learn about substantive law, practice skills, professional responsibility, problems in the administration of justice and system reform. Students represent clients singularly or in teams of two or three, where they provide advice to individuals and groups and engage in formal and informal advocacy, as well as transactional work. Student attorneys do a significant amount of writing by drafting letters, pleadings, agreements and organizational documents, legal memoranda and briefs. They are also responsible for client files, both in paper and electronic forms, and they must document their time each week.

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