business law

Business Law Program

The University of Maryland School of Law Business Law Program was established to facilitate innovative teaching, practical experience, and scholarship in the fields of corporate governance, business organization law, securities regulation, tax, business transactions, and related areas. Its primary goal is to prepare students for careers in business law. Responding to economic downturn and a highly competitive job market, as well as growing student interest in business law, the Business Law Program seeks to prepare students by addressing three major facets of their training: academicexperiential learning, and professional development. Since its inception, the program has provided students with the legal, practical, and ethical skills necessary to advise and represent businesses in an increasingly complex environment, as well as the opportunity to engage in critical and creative thinking about cutting edge issues in business law.

The Business Law Program is uniquely positioned to provide students with opportunities to learn from and work alongside national leaders on contemporary business issues. Maryland itself has a very active and sophisticated business law practice, and its surrounding jurisdictions, including Washington D.C., Delaware and New York, provide additional opportunities for meaningful experiences and professional growth. In addition, the Business Law Program takes a global approach to business law, encouraging students to appreciate the globalization of the discipline and integrating a global perspective into the classroom, scholarship and extracurricular activities.

Moreover, the law school's overarching public mission broadens the program's perspective on and approach to business law. It strives to examine all sides of an issue and enhance general awareness of the impact of business-related decisions and legislation on the broader community. The Business Law Program seeks to contribute to scholarly, political, and policy debates regarding the role of business entities within our society by promoting scholarly research and public dialogue on important business law issues.

For more information about the Business Law Program, please contact Director Michael Van Alstine or Associate Director Hilary Hansen.